What is Thermosyphon in transformers?

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2012-02-06 09:29:01

Thermosyphon is an on line transformer oil filtration system

having some absorbents and mounted in the flow line of transformer

oil out side the main tank of transformer. In many industrially

advanced countries this system is frequently used for bigger

transformer of ONAN (Oil Natural Air Natural) or ONAF (Oil Natural

Air Forced) cooled. Although some Indian transformer manufacturers

are aware about it however there are some grey areas like type and

quantity of absorbent, design of thermosyphon fixture, maintenance

schedule and doubt about dissolution of absorbent with oil,


Reduces cost incurred on frequent filtration of transformer oil.

For example a power transformer having 20 K litre transformer oil

the life of the transformer oil is 25 years; by mounting

thermosyphon life increases by 5 more years without any significant

additional cost.

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