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When Thomas S. Monson was in Primary, they used a much different song book than they do today. Most of the songs are completely different.

In his autobiography he said that he enjoyed singing "Give Said the Little Stream" and that he liked "the Primary Trail Builder" song that went like this:

Oh we are the boy trail builders,

Out west where the sunsets glow;

Where the brooks flow down like silver

From the heights of the virgin snow. …

Our light is the light of virtue,

Our strength is the strength of youth;

Our trails are the trails of honor,

For we build with the stones of truth.

He has also talked about a song that went:

Dare to be a Mormon;

Dare to stand alone.

Dare to have a purpose firm,

And dare to make it known.

Check out the "Related Link" below to see a PDF copy of the Deseret Sunday School Songbook, the most popular church songbook when Thomas S. Monson was a boy, and most likely the one that many of his Primary songs came from.

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Q: What is Thomas S Monsons favorite primary song?
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