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A Traction Control System or TCS. Is the system that helps your wheels from skidding while riding in water or other slippery areas. It also helps your tires from skidding or making the scratching sound when for say, "Taking off fast from a red light". Traction control is an option on many cars today. When engaged, it "senses" when a driving tire has no traction. The system will then compensate for this by slowing the spinning wheel through partial application of the brake, reducing power or both. The system uses wheel speed sensors to monitor the wheel speed. When traction is lost the sensor prompts the brake computer to partially apply the brake to the wheel that is spinning, allowing it to gain traction. Sort of like Antilock brakes in reverse.

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Q: What is Traction control system?
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What does the tcs light mean in a 1999 Chevy venture?

Traction Control System Traction Control System

What is a traction control system for?

A traction control system is an anti lock braking system, designed to prevent less traction of driven wheeled vehicles. It is also called an anti slip regulation.

What does a traction control system light plus a brake light mean on a Honda Accord?

You have a problem with the Anti-Lock brake system. This system is used by the traction control system.

What does tcs light on 2004 Honda accord indicate?

That is the Traction Control System. When it is on the traction control is off.

What is the meaning of traction control system?

There are different kind of traction control system. the logic behind them is to detect tire spin (when you loose traction) and the car will mechanically or electronically adjust the output of the motor to prevent slippage.

What does the ETS button Mean?

ETS means ENHANCED TRACTION SYSTEM or what is commonly called, (Traction Control) The button is used to turn it off and on. Leave it on.ETS means ENHANCED TRACTION SYSTEM or what is commonly called, (Traction Control) The button is used to turn it off and on. Leave it on.

Can you have acceleration problems with the traction control system problems?

with traction control on you have better acceleration because the ecu is giving the right amount of power to the wheel with most traction.

What is a ETS light on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

Enhanced Traction System or Traction Control.

How do you turn off traction control on a v6 2000 firebird?

The 2000 Pontiac Firebird is equipped with a traction control switch on the shifting console. The traction control button can be pushed in and out to turn the system on in off.

What is mean TCS?

traction control system

What is TCS in cars?

Traction Control System

Who invented Traction control system?


What is Tranction Control System?

Traction control will prevent one wheel from spinning by constantly transferring traction to the wheels with the most grip.

Why is your Abs and traction control light on?

There is a problem with the ABS system. It is part of Traction Control. If the ABS is not working then the Traction Control is not working. You still have standard braking but probably no ABS. Have this checked by a professional, as it can be many things.

What does ETS stand for?

ETS stands for Enhanced Traction System. This is GM's version of Traction Control.

What is dynamic traction control?

Dynamic Traction Control is sometimes referred to Dynamic Stabilization Control. In essense the system takes into account traction, braking the driver handling into consideration in order to apply the appropriate traction to the tires. This control improves traction. Standard Traction Control automatical adjusts to what ever tire is slipping at the time and compensates with the other. There has been instances where this correction has enhanced the skid causing an accident. DTC is a superior form of control as it takes many factors into account before apply the equalization of traction control system.

Will you damage your car by not getting your traction system fixed?

No, the traction control system will not work but no damage will be done. You can drive it in this condition if you wish.

What does the ETS off light mean on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

ETS stands for (Electronic Traction System) or as some call it Traction Control. Your Traction Control is simply turned off.

What does the chrysler 300 dash board light with a car and swervy road mean?

Traction control active, or traction control system malfunction.

What does the TCS button on a 2003 Honda Accord do?

TCS stands for Traction Control System. Pushing the button turns the traction control off.

What does traction control service system means?

your wheel bearings could be going out or already bad. I think it means to take your vehicle into a service station and have your traction control system looked at/repaired

What needs to be done when traction control system malfunction light comes on?

The traction control system malfunction light is a warning light that indicates the tires are losing traction on the road. If driving in adverse weather when the light comes on slowing down will make it go out.

What does traction light mean?

When the traction light is on you have the traction control turned on in your vehicle and traction control is activated. Traction control is applying brakes to a wheel that losing traction.

Will a tire worn down to the steel affect the ABS and Traction control system?

The tire will not affect the abs system but it will more than likely affect the traction control system. It could give a faulty read out due to the treadwear.

Does traction control of 2000 Ford Taurus affect brake system operation?

The traction control shouldn't affect the break system. The operation would only be affected by warmed rotors or bad calibers.