What is Trinitrotoluene An Explosive?

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What is the most common name for the explosive trinitrotoluene?

The common name of trinitrotoluene is t-n-t.

How many carbon atoms are in 1.00 102 grams of trinitrotoluene an explosive?

The answer is 13,367.1010e+23 atoms.

What is an full form of TNT?

If the explosive - trinitrotoluene if the parcel delivery service - Track and Trace

Trinitrotoluene is caused by what disease?

I seem to recall it's not a disease but a particuarly toxic solvent An explosive, also called TNT

Full form of tnt?

The explosive TNT is Trinitrotoluene The postal distribution company TNT was originally known as Thomas Nationwide Transport.

Does tnt stand for teen ninja turtles?

no it stands for TriNitroToluene which is a highly explosive thing.The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is abbreviated TMNT.

How many atoms in trinitrotoluene?

there are 21 atoms in trinitrotoluene.

Is trinitrotoluene found in nature?

Trinitrotoluene is man made.

Is nitrogen explosive?

No. In fact, nitrogen is commonly used to provide an inert atmosphere in which to work with highly reactive compounds.Some nitrogen compounds are, however, highly explosive. One well-known example is trinitrotoluene, better known by the abbreviation TNT.

Is trinitrotoluene an acid or a base?

Trinitrotoluene ( TNT ) is a base, like many other explosives.

Where is TNT on the periodic table of elements?

TNT is not an element, it stands for trinitrotoluene and is highly explosive. It is made up of various elements from the periodic table including nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen

What explosive is used in a Russian anti-tank mine?

The TM-46 uses good ol' TNT. We know that trinitrotoluene is fairly easy to manufacture (a 3-step process), stable, and has a pretty darn good explosive yield for effectiveness. A link can be found below.

Is trinitrotoluene soluble in water?

Trinitrotoluene is soluble in water from 100 to 200 mg/L at room temperature.

What is C4?

c-4 stands for composition 4 which is a mixture of plasticizers and RDX. RDX is an explosive 1.34 times as powerful as TNT (trinitrotoluene). c-4 is a malleable, shock resistant, explosive that burns like wood when lit, a detonation cap is required for c-4 to explode.

What is the abbreviation for trinitrotoluene?


What is the palindrome of a trinitrotoluene?


What is a palindrome for trinitrotoluene?


What is the full name for TNT?


Who invented Trinitrotoluene?

Joseph Wilbrand.

What is the atomic mass of trinitrotoluene?


What is chemical name for TNT?


What is the description of TNT of trinitrotoluene?

i have noo idea

What does t n t stand for?


What does initials TNT channel stand for?


How many tons in a megaton?

One-million tons in a megaton, unless you're talking about nuclear weapons, in which a megaton is a measure of the relative explosive force of a million tons of TNT (TriNitroToluene).There are 1,000,000 (1 million) tonnes in a megatonne.