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What is Tyler Perry's middle name?

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His full name is Emmitt R. Perry Jr.; Emmitt is not his middle name.

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What is Tyler perrys moms name?

Maxine Perry

Was Jordan Sparks on Tyler Perrys house of Pain?

no jorden was not on tyler perrys house of pain

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What are facts about Tyler Perry?

tyler perrys secrets

What is maliks real name from tyler perrys house of payne?

The actor's name is Doc Shaw

Katy Perrys middle name?

Elizabeth is her middle name but her real name is Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson.

What is Katy Perrys middle name?

Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson but her nickname is Katy perry. her middle name is Elizabeth. Hope this helps Lacey 22 XOXO xxx

What is the name of the episode with jacob latimore from tyler perrys house of payne?

" Growing Paynes"

Where is Tyler perrys mother?

In Heaven

Did John Tyler have a middle name?

No- his full name was John Tyler.

What is Tyler posey's middle name?

He doesn't have a middle name.

Do you know Tyler Perrys girlfriend?

Gelila Bekelle

How does tyler perrys temptation end?

She catches HIV.

Did Point Line Air In February Of 2008?

Yes it did and the second season is now airing and it is the spinoff of tyler perrys sitcom on tbs tyler perrys house of payne.

What is Tyler Joseph's middle name?

Tyler's middle name is Robert

In Tyler Perrys movie Daddys little girls who plays Cynthias boyfriend?

Tyler perry

I want to purchase Tyler Perrys DVD's Where?

wal mart.

What is tyler perrys next movie?

Madea witness protection

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Josh Freeman's middle name is Tyler.

What is Matthew Perrys full name?

Matthew Langford Perry (his middle name is Langford because that was his mothers maiden name)

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What is Tyler Perry middle name?