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Sheamus' real name is Stephen Farrelly.

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Q: What is WWE wrestler Sheamus' real name?
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What is sheamus real full name?

His real name is Stephen Farrelley. He is an Irish professional wrestler who is known by the name Sheamus in the WWE. He is a former WWE and World champion in the WWE and is one of their top stars. He is currently feuding with Big Show along with Randy Orton and is a fan favorite.

Where is WWE wrestler sheamus from?

He is from Dublin, Ireland

Who is Sheamus O'Shaunessy?

He is a WWE professional wrestler currently on their program Raw. His current ring name is Sheamus.

Who was the studious wrestler in the WWE?

Ill say sheamus

How much does sheamus wwe make?

Sheamus is a professional wrestler Sheamus has many championship wins and his career in the WWE, competing on the Smack Down Brand and Irish Whip Wrestling.

Did Sheamus die?

If your talking about the wwe wrestler, he didn't die

What is WWE superstar sheamus real name?

Stephen farelly

What is the real name of WWE sheamus?

Stephen Farrell

What is WWE wrestler Kaitlyn's real name?

WWE wrestler Kaitlyn's real name is Celeste Beryl Bonin. Celeste uses Kaitlyn as her stage name when involved with WWE. For more information about Kaitlyn, check our her personal website.

Who is WWE superstar sheamus married to?

Sheamus is not currently married. it's NONE of YOUR BUSINESS who a Pro Wrestler is Married to.

What is the real name of WWE wrestler 'Stone Cold'?

His real name is Steve Williams

What is the WWE wrestler Jon Cena's real name?

Jon Cena is his real name

What is The Undertaker?

The Undertaker is a wrestler in WWE. He has a brother in the wrestling business and his name is Kane. In real life Undertakers name is Mark Callsaway.

What is WWE wrestler Hornswoggle's real name?

Dylan Postl

What is the real name WWE wrestler hitman?

hart benn

What is the real name of the WWE wrestler Kane?

Glen Jacobs

What is the WWE wrestler the undertakers real name?

Mark Caloway

What is the WWE wrestler triple h's real name?

His real name is Paul Michael Levesque Jr.

What is WWE wrestler Big Show Real Name?

big show's real name is paul wight

What is the real name of the WWE wrestler Triple H?

paul levesque

What year was Sheamus born?

Sheamus was born on January 28, 1978. This makes him 35 years old as of now. He is a professional wrestler who is currently active in the WWE. He is a former WWE and World Heavyweight champion in the WWE. He is currently out injured and is expected to return early in 2014

Who is the WWE wrestler bogeyman?

His real name is Marty Wright! (He eats worms!)

When did Sheamus Debut in WWE?

Sheamus debuted in wrestling in 2002. He has been in WWE since 2006. April 2010 - do some research before posting. He debuted in May 2002. He did not sign with WWE until 2007. He made one appearnce in 2006 in WWE as part of security, not as a wrestler

What is WWE Superstar JTG's real name?

JTG is a professional wrestler who was with WWE from 2006-2014. His real name is Jayson Anthony Paul, and he was born December 10th, 1984.

What is the real name of shames WWE superstar?

If you are talking about Sheamus it is Stephen