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What is Washingtons state song?

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Washington's state song is "Washington, My Home."

Washington's state Folk song is "Roll On, Columbia by Woody Guthrie."

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What is Washingtons state fish?

Washingtons state fish is the Steelhead trout.

What was George Washingtons responsibilities as president?

george washingtons responsibilitie is to run the state.

What is washingtons state food?


What is Washingtons state abbreviation?


What is Washingtons state fruit?

Washington's State fruit is an apple.

Washingtons state bird?

It is the willow goldfinch

What is washingtons nick name?

The Evergreen State

What is washingtons state bird?

Willow Goldfinch

What is washingtons state bird and flower?


What is Washingtons state flower?

Pink Rhododendron

Who was washingtons secratary of state?

Thomas Jefferson

What is Washingtons nickname?

Washingtons nickname is the Evergreen State. The reason this is its nick name is because it has so many evergreens

Who was George Washingtons secrcretary of state?

Thomas Jefferson

What state is george washingtons mount vernon in?


What is Washingtons state governor?

The governor of Washington state is Governor Chris Gregoire.

George washingtons home state?

mount vernon, verginia

What is Washingtons state park?

They have Many:

What is washingtons state motto?

Alki which means "By and By" in Chinook Indian

What Washingtons state folksong of Washington state?

Washington My Home Jasleen Bains From washington, Auburn

What department did washingtons cabinet include?

the state,treasury, the war, andgeneral

What is the name of george Washingtons home state?

Mount Veron, Virginia

What is Washington state's grass?

Washingtons state grass is BlueBunch Wheatgrass?

What do the colors on the Washington State flag represent?

george washingtons jacket

What is washingtons population of 2012?

about 5,894,124 according to the state census bureuae

Which president revived George Washingtons traditional state of the union speech?