What is Water Buffalo English Club?

Water Buffalo English Club is founded by 12 students of AMACC Naga Campus. the 12 students are Jefford, Jezel, Lorenzo, Tom, Glenn, Ace, Francis, Victor, Jaen Ray, Dhan, and Cj. It was founded on January 18,2008. The story of how it is founded is like this. Jefford was the promoter of speaking incorrect usage of English word. Then we like how it goes so we also speak wrong English word and gramar. When we are in Cj's house, we plan to form it, we think of a name of our club, we come up of Water Buffalo then we add English Club then the rest is history. Now we are making another group which is called "Grand Futuros". Our favourite phrase is "There is No, There is Yes. How come?, It can". Please invite our Friendster that is (waterbuffalo_engclub@yahoo.com) then you will be automatically be a group of waater buffalo.