What is Welbutrin?

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I think you mean wellbutrin. It is an antidepressent w/ a little help for focus. It has also worked well to help addicts stop using or even smokers.

AnswerIt seems that you are combining Welbutrin and Albuterol.As stated above, Welbutrin is an antidepressant generally given to smokers to help them quit.Albuterol on the other hand, is Asthma medication which comes in an inhaler. AnswerI also think you are mixing up two drugs. I'll give you what I know about Wellbutrin: It is a common anti-depressant used to treat drepression. Then, through anecdotal reports from patients and Doctors, the medical community sawan easier time quitting smoking for patients on Wellbutrin. So they then beganto market Welbutrin as Zyban. (Zyban is the same as Wellbutrin), just a different name for a different use. If you are prescibed Wellbutrin for depression and related problems, I have two suggestions (from first-hand knowledge). First; if you've ever had a seizure, make sure your Doctor knows. Even though it is a safe and effective drug, it has a tendency to trigger a sizure.Second; monitor your dosage carefully. Too high of a dose has caused bad reactions in some people. Especially if you are on other medication. A SMALL percentage of people just can't take it. !
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Q: What is Welbutrin?
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