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I think you mean wellbutrin. It is an antidepressent w/ a little help for focus. It has also worked well to help addicts stop using or even smokers.

AnswerIt seems that you are combining Welbutrin and Albuterol.As stated above, Welbutrin is an antidepressant generally given to smokers to help them quit.Albuterol on the other hand, is Asthma medication which comes in an inhaler. AnswerI also think you are mixing up two drugs. I'll give you what I know about Wellbutrin: It is a common anti-depressant used to treat drepression. Then, through anecdotal reports from patients and Doctors, the medical community sawan easier time quitting smoking for patients on Wellbutrin. So they then beganto market Welbutrin as Zyban. (Zyban is the same as Wellbutrin), just a different name for a different use. If you are prescibed Wellbutrin for depression and related problems, I have two suggestions (from first-hand knowledge). First; if you've ever had a seizure, make sure your Doctor knows. Even though it is a safe and effective drug, it has a tendency to trigger a sizure.Second; monitor your dosage carefully. Too high of a dose has caused bad reactions in some people. Especially if you are on other medication. A SMALL percentage of people just can't take it. !
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Q: What is Welbutrin?
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Should you be taking Paxil and welbutrin together?

should I be taking paxil and welbutrin together

Can you take alteril with welbutrin?


Can you take Celexa with Concerta?

yes..i was prescribed and am taking celexa, welbutrin, and concerta all together celexa and welbutrin for depression concerta for adhd...

Can Mysoline help depression?

no welbutrin does though

Does Zoloft and welbutrin together cause hypoglycemia?


How well does Welbutrin treat ADD?

Quite well. Coupled with other interventions, Welbutrin is often effective. You must consult a physician is order to get a prescription.

Can Wellbutrin and tenuate be taken together?

Can Welbutrin and tenuate be taken together. I have been on Welbutrin for years for depression. Now a doctor put me on tenuate to lose weight.

Can Dexedrine and welbutrin be taken together?

NO! it can cause a seizure..

What cold medicine can you take if you are on welbutrin?

facebook and twitter lol

Is Welbutrin or Strattera more successful in treating a 12-year old child?

Strattera is specifically for ADD. I wouldn't take the Welbutrin for the ADD. Right church, wrong pew.

Does Welbutrin deal with depression and anxiety?

Yes, it is an anti-depressant, prescribed medication. Main function of Welbutrin is to elevate the suffering from depression and anxiety. It can also be used to treat bipolar disorder.

Do you stop taking lexapro first before you start taking Wellbutrin?

I recently switched from Cymbalta to Welbutrin. Cymbalta is similar to Lexapro. I started the transition by halving my Cymbalta dose while starting Welbutrin. This went on for a week, then I discontinued the Cymbalta and took only Welbutrin. Of course, the best answer to this question is to follow your doctor's orders.

Is it okay to take prescribed xanax 1 mg with welbutrin?


What causes more weight loss statterra or welbutrin?

Welbutrin MAY help you loose weight. Welbutrin does not change the chemical make up of your body's fat cells, and it not increase your metabolism. It represses your thoughs of eating for comfort, allows you to pay more attention to the signals in your brain that say "Hey! I'm full". This especially helps people that overeat due to "food addiction" (The constant need to eat all the time to make yourself feel better.) Welbutrin is not approved to be perscribed for weight loss alone. I is approved for people to over-eat when they feel upset, or lonely, of have nothing to do. Welbutrin breaks the behaviors that lead to over eating.

Will Welbutrin show up in a urine test for drugs?

no because they don't test for antidepressants

Is welbutrin a narcotic?

Wellbtrin is NOT a narcotic. It is a Multiple Reuptake Inhibitor. The generic name isbupropion hydrochloride.

What drug used as an anti- depression and tobacco cessation?

Bupropion (trade-name: Welbutrin).

Can you take Zoloft welbutrin Vyvanse at the same time?

No, you cannot, unless you want to became deathly ill.

What is the difference between welbutrin and Cymbalta?

wellbutrin is a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.cymbalta is a seretonin and norepinephrine inhibitor.

Can you take acai pills while taking lexapro welbutrin and hycozar?

Can i take acai pills while tkaing lexapro

What is difference between extended release and sustained release in the welbutrin?

sustained release dosage form follows first order kinetics.

Can you take welbutrin and Prozac together?

You can, - I do. Prozac 40mg one time daily and wellbutrin 100mg 2 times daily. Works great !!!

What drug do you take with Zoloft?

it depends on what issues you are trying to address. if it is low energy you can use welbutrin with Zoloft. i use both an they work well for me.

Can you switch from Prozac to Wellbutrin without weaning off Prozac first?

It depends on your doctor's recomendations. Prozac is a stronger and different form of medicine, and you will not act the same way you did when you move to Welbutrin. It is safe to take Welbutrin and Prozac at the same time. Even when used together they work on two different parts of the brain. Welburtin is used more for depression, and Prozac is used more for Anxiety. If you are more anxious than depressed, then stay with the Prozac family. If you are more depressed, then move to Welbutrin. If you decide to move over, wean onto welbutrin (this will be rather quick due to welburtin has few sideeffects and you start with a high dose rather quickly); then after a couple of weeks to a month keep a journal. You may decide to stay on Welbutrin and Prozac at the same time. If you decide to still move away from the Provac then wean off. It will take up to a month to wean off from Prozac. During this time-frame keep a journal of your behaviours each day. Write down the days that you are upset for no reason, and the days that you are extremely happy, also note any other behaviors that are outside of your normal. This will help you determine is Prozac is good for you or not. It will also let you know that when you come off of Prozac completely, Welbutrin will not be able to control your anxiety and depression alone.

Can you take welbutrin and depakote together?

Yes. In fact, Depakote (an anti-convulsant) is a treatment for one of the more concerning side effects of Wellbutrin (seizure).