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these are running from 200-275 dollars depending on condition.


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your Winchester model 290 in good condition should be in the range of 200-275 dollars.

The Winchester model 290 belongs to the Winchester 200 series of rifles that were introduced between 1963-1965.The model 290 was discontinued in 1976.

It,s unfortunate that you cannot.Winchester choose to not record the serial numbers of any of the 200 class of rifles they made.This would include yours and the models 250,270,255 and 275.The Model 290 Winchester rifle was made from 1965-1976.

Your Winchester model 290 deluxe rifle is going for between 90-200 dollars depending on the amount of original finish and condition.

Around $275, depending on condition

your Winchester model 290 was made as a group of models including the 250,270,255,275 and the 290.these were made from 1963-1976,with the model 290 being the last model made.

Your Winchester model 290 was made from 1965-1976.Winchester chose not to record the serial numbers of the 200 series of rifle they made,of which your is one.These include the models 250,270,290,255,and 275.

The Winchester model 290 was made from 1963-1976.That being said serial numbers were not required until the passage of the gun control act of 1968.I can say that your rifle was made before 1968.

your Winchester model 290 was made between 1965-1973.

150-250 dollars depending on the overall condition of the rifle in question.

The Winchester model 290 belonged to the 200 series of .22cal rifles.This included the model 250,270,290,255,and 275 models.Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers on these rifles.I can say that these models were introduced from 1963-1965,and the model 290 was discontinued in the year 1976.

model 190 and model 290 rifles were produced from 1965 to 1980, around 2,171,263 rifles .

the best I can do is say that your Winchester model 290 was made between 1963-1976.

The 190 is a plain stock and fore end the 290 has checkering on the fore end and stock. However the Early 290's Also have a plain stock.

Between 90-200 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Brownells carries just about any gunsmithing tool there is.

The Winchester model 290 was introduced between 1963-1965 and was last made in 1976.

Your Winchester model 290 ranges in price from 90-200 dollars based on overall condition.

On the bottom of the rifle in front of the trigger assembly has Winchester sn tables.

The 200 series of rifles by Winchester(250,270,290,255,275) were made from 1963-1976,of which yours is included.Winchester did not keep serial number records of the models by year of production.There were a total of 1,600,000 made of all models during this time span.If I had to say I would put a date of 1966 on your model 290 Winchester.

your Winchester model 290 was apart of the 200 model series which included the model250 270 290 255 275.the model 290 were made between 1963-1976.the total production of all models were 1,600,000.With your serial number I would guess around 1970.

remove the buttplate screws, and the buttplate. In the large round hole in the stock is the stock bolt. That is unscrewed to remove the stock from the rifle.

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