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What is Wireless communication?



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Communication without wires... Does that answer?? Basically - transfer of information / data / signals, without the help of a physical medium is wireless communication in generic. Remember the old Radio and TV stations sending info into your Radio / TV without any wires... using an antenna to capture? same logic! :) Wireless communication is a broad and generic term applied to anything that is not "plugged" directly. For example some of the first cases were home phones without the long wire attached, or even radios and television.

However it is now commonly defined as cellphone and computer/internet use without the use of conventional cables to connect to networks.

Based on that last statement, we'll focus on computer netwoks.

To understand how it works one must first look at what a network is. Networks are users connected one to another. We can have an office, home or school network. Home and small office networks are usually computers connected directly to the same phone/dsl/cable line (depending on who you pay to connect) via a router/modem to access the internet (which in turn is a larger network). Larger offices and most schools will have a central "server" which connects directly to the internet, and individual computers connect to the "server" before accesing the internet; this allows for moderated access.

Now, how do these computers connect one to another? in a traditional "wired" network each computer has a cable physically connected to the internet or to the server. In a wireless setting, all the cables are replaced by a wirelss card or access point which acts like a signal sender and receiver that connects without wires to a central computer or server which then connects to the internet. Think of the "wireless cards" as glorified walkie-talkies able to send and receive all sorts of data.

Wireless communication also applies to cell phones. Instead of having a regular phone connected to the socket in your house, the cell phone connects (without cables or wires, hence "wireless") to towers/antennas placed around your town. These towers connect your phone to the network each provider has (att, verizon, sprint, etc) the same way the wireless cards connected your computer to the internet.

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Wireless communication is communication which does not depend on wires to carry the communication. One of the very early forms of wireless communication comprised beacons which were lit - usually to signal danger.

Semaphore was an early form of two-way wireless communications, using flags or lights. This was followed by wireless broadcast communication: first using radio and then television.

Even more recent, person-to-person wireless communication was the cordless phone and then the cell phone or mobiles.

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Wireless communication is communication that occurs without the use of cables or cords attaching the communications device to any base, wall, or other relatively static object. One of the first widely popular wireless devices was the cordless phone, and now the cell phone.