What is Wisconsin famous for?

Wisconsin is famous for SummerFest, Harley Davidson, and cheese. It is also the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect and the birthplace of the Barnum and Bailey Circus, billed at the time as "The Greatest Show on Earth." The state is also home to the Green Bay Packers, one of the most famous and storied NFL teams in history. It is infamous for the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer

The state produces more dairy products than any other, and is the second largest producer of milk (after California). Shops making and selling locally made cheese can be found throughout the state and as it calls itself "America's dairy state" it has an ample supply of fresh cow and goat milk to harbor what has become considered a craft by many there. Many Wisconsin cheese makers take their craft as seriously as a fine vintner takes the production of his wine, and just the same it is both a science and an art.

One word of caution though, there are numerous "tourist traps" that line the major travel routes and sell sub-standard cheese at inflated prices. If you want to find the best cheese, ask the locals, who are typically quite friendly - so much so that you may have to hear about Aunt Ruth's gout before getting the skinny on the best cheese around. If you plan on visiting Wisconsin, you should also consider another famous tradition there, though famous perhaps only to frequent visitors to the area, the Friday fish fry. At nearly every bar every Friday night they serve fried fish, typically all you can eat with fries and slaw. Just like the cheese there is good and bad, so ask the locals and avoid the tourist traps.