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He doesnt have one

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What is the birth name of Wu Bai?

Wu Bai's birth name is Jun-Lin Wu.

What is the birth name of Jacky Wu?

Jacky Wu's birth name is Wu Jing.

What is the birth name of Lala Wu?

Lala Wu's birth name is Gang Wu.

What is the birth name of Vivian Wu?

Vivian Wu's birth name is Junmei Wu.

What is the name of Wu Chun's older brother?

Wu Ji Wang Wu Ji Wang

What is Norbert Wu full name?

norbert daveid Wu

What is the birth name of Myolie Wu?

Myolie Wu's birth name is Wu Hang Yee.

What is the birth name of Vanness Wu?

Vanness Wu's birth name is Vanness S. Wu.

What school does Melissa Wu attended?

coverdale christian school ( primary )

How do you spell plural form of the name Wu?

The plural of Wu is Wus.

What is the birth name of Johnny Wu?

Johnny Wu's birth name is Johnny Kai-Tsen Wu.

What is the real name for Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan?

He had the same name from when he with the Wu Tang Clan

What is empress Wu's real name?

If you are talking about the Empress Wu of Tang Dyasty, Empress Wu's birth name is Wu Mei Niang( 武媚娘)。She is also known as Wu ZeTian.

What nationality is the last name Wu?

The name Wu comes from the descendants of the Chinese Wu Kingdom prior to the 5th Century BC, it is known that 4000 men and 4000 women were sent to Japan by Wu Taibo because of the similarity of the lifestyles between China and Japan.

Where does the last name Wu come from?


What is kevjumba's real name?

Kevin Wu.

Did Wu chun have a brother or sister?

Ya a sister her name was wang chung. his brother is Wu Ji Wang

What was the name of the female Emperor of China?

Wu Zetain

What is Wu chun's real name?

Real name is Goh Kiat Chun. See for more info

What is the birth name of Miumiu?

Miumiu's birth name is Yi-cong Wu.

What actors and actresses appeared in Christian - 2010?

The cast of Christian - 2010 includes: Charles Hu as Dad Mike Ivers as Glenn Mauricio Leyton as Frank Jen McPherson as Rebecca Rita Raider as Daisy Christian Wu as Christian

What is Christian beadles real name?

Christian Beadles real name is Christian Beadles.

What is the birth name of Christian Leuzzi?

Christian Leuzzi's birth name is Christian Giovanni.

What is the birth name of Christian Schaanning?

Christian Schaanning's birth name is Schaanning Christian.

What is the birth name of Christian Toulali?

Christian Toulali's birth name is Christian Toulali.