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Yoda is his only name.

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Yodas first lightsaber color?

Yodas first lightsaber was green in color.

What is yodas surname?

He doesn't have one. But if he did, it was never named

Who was master yodas master?

it was probably someone from the old republic.

Where was yodas homeworld?

Noone knows. Yoda's race is called the "Mystery" Race because noone really has a name for them and has no real idea where they come from.

Who is yodas master?

the Hylsarian Jedi Master N'Kata del Gormo

Who was yodas master?

Yoda did not have a master, he was the ultimate jedi. While I agree Yoda was the ultimate jedi, he had a master. His master's name was Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo.

Is Yoda on Star Wars the last of the Yodas?

Himself and Yaddle. Yaddle was the other 'Yoda'. But only in the first movie. They took her and Yarael Poof out for the second movie because of the cost of the animation for all three characters.

Is yodas lightsaber smaller than other Jedi and Sith?

yes,hes a migit so he made a short one

What does yodas wee wee look like?

He doesn't wee because he is a awesome alien who doesn't live in the time of toilets.

Who was yodas trainer?

when yoda crashed landed on some planet de gormo trained him and his human friend the force and other stuff

What rhymes with Head and Shoulders?

Any word ending in the phonetic "'oulders",,,so,,, moulders, boulders,,,coulders,,,folders,,,told hers,,,,,,yodas. Hope this helps.

Yodas first lightsaber?

Yoda's lightsaber was the weapon carried by Grand Master Yoda. It was shorter than a normal lightsaber to match Yoda's small stature, and had a green blade. He used this blade to perfect all styles of lightsaber combat, most notably Form IV: Ataru.

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