What is Yoda's first name?

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Yoda is his only name.

How do you buy Yoda's ghost in Lego Star Wars II?

You have to complete all levels in Episode VI since it's the last level you unlock Yoda Ghost on. Then go to Mos Eisley Cantina and buy him for 1,200,000 studs.(about that amount) You now have Yoda Ghost!!! No. Wrong. If you want him, complete all episodes. I found a code, though. Its YOD474. ( Full Answer )

What is Yoda's race?

No one really knows what Yoda's species is. There were three Yoda-like Jedi on the Jedi Council who were Yoda-like: Yoda, a 2 ft tall green 800 yr old Jedi Master; Yaddle, a 2 ft tall green 500(???)yr old Jedi Master, and a pink Jedi Master with one eye whose name was Vandar. The pink master is abou ( Full Answer )

What was the first name?

well Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. so i would have to say one of those names has to be the first one, but that is a hard question since names have been around since before time.

Why is your first name your name?

A name is a name. If you have a name, no matter what it is, it is still considered a name. Because your parents or your guardians think of a name that might suit you when you become older or they named you after someone they truly love or know. They might not give you a name you like. But it is le ( Full Answer )

What is Yoda's home planet?

My nose. nobody knows but he lived on Dagobah for a wile after order 66.\n. \nBefore The Phantom Menace:\nWhen Yoda was 700 years old, he served on a council of Jedi Masters instructing new students aboard the massive Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor.

Who is yoda's master?

\n. \nWell no one for sure knows Yoda's master but I guess Yoda's father.\nKnow one knows but Yoda's padwan is dooku if that helps?

What is the first name in a scientific name?

the scientific name according to the binomial system of naming organisms consists of the genus name starting with a capital letter and then the specie name with a small letter so the first name wud be the genus name which would be written with a capital letter and would represent the genus from whic ( Full Answer )

What is a first name?

In European-based naming systems, the 'first' name is your 'given' name, and your 'last' name is your 'family' name. The first name is sometimes referred to as your 'Christian' name. For example, Justin Biebers First/Gaven name is Justin but his last/family name is bieber (The order is revers ( Full Answer )

What is family name or first name?

In the United States and most western countries, the first name is not the same thing as the family name. The first name is the personal name and the last name is the family name.

First name of the first lady of the US?

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was the wife of George Washington, the first president, and her first name, as you can probably infer, was Martha.

What do first names me?

first names i think mean whatever you parents or you wanted you or yourself to be called i think

How big is Yoda's lightsaber?

Yoda's lightsaber is technically called a "shoto," which is a short lightsaber. Only a handful of Jedi, including Anakin Skywalker's Padawan Ahsoka Tano, use a shoto along with their original lightsaber, which is not an easy thing to do.

What the names first?

Some of the names that were popular during History was Elizabeth for girls and William for boys (Colonial Times). Then during the 50's and so on names such as Dick for boys, and Jillian for girls started to become even more popular than colonial names. Think Baby Names.com also has some great names ( Full Answer )

What is the name of yoda's planet?

If you are referring to the planet to which he went into voluntary exile, where Luke Skywalker found him, then then answer is Dagobah. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dagobah

Do you have to have a first name?

Basically, your first name IS your name. In many countries, fixed last names were only introduced in the early 19th century. In Iceland people still don't have 'real' last names. You are legally called "Peter .....son" of "Marie ....dottir", de dots being filled out with the person's first name whos ( Full Answer )

Who was Yoda's Jedi master?

N'Kata Del Gormo who was a Hysalrian Jedi Master who lived during the times of the Galactic Republic. He found and trained Yodaand his force-sensitive Human friend

What was the first name of the first us first lady?

Lucy Webb Hayes was probably the first of the President's wives to be given that title while she lived in the White House. Writers of etiquette books, and those in Washington society, were horrified in 1877 when journalist Mary C. Ames referred to Lucy Webb Hayes as "the First Lady of the Land". Pr ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Yoda's quote 'Do or do not there is no try'?

There are two ways of understanding Yoda's instruction, "Try not. Do or do not there is no try." Firstly, Yoda could be telling Luke that he should commit himself to doing the task at hand or choose not to do it. In other words, "Don't just try, commit yourself to doing or not doing something". Th ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Yoda's quote do or do not there is no try?

The full quote is "Try not. Do or do not!! There is no try." Thequote means that one should not approach a task with the attitudethat only an attempt will be made. Instead, when approaching a taskthe mentality should be to either accomplish it or not. What he'strying to say is that you either do som ( Full Answer )

What is Yoda's job?

Yoda was a Jedi Grand Master and after he had his last apprentice he decided to teach the younglings there beginner lessons in the way of the force. After the rise of the Empire he went into exile and meditated until the arrival of Luke Skywalker which he took to become his apprentice.

Is your first name your first name or middle name?

It may depend on your country of origin or your culture, However in the so-called "western world" there are usually three given names: First, middle, and last (or 'nee' name) i.e, Christopher Jason Pearl... in this case Christopher would be the first name, Jason the middle name, and Pearl would be t ( Full Answer )

What was SpongeBob's first name first?

"SpongeBoy", but that name was already copyrighted, so there came "SpongeBob". In fact, the script writer sneaked in "SpongeBoy" without getting sued, which was Mr. Krab's line from the episode "Squeaky Boots", which was, "SpongeBoy-me-Bob!"

Who is yoda's padawan?

if you go by the movies, luke skywalker is technically. yoda is really old and who knows just how many padawans he has had over the years. it's probably a record.

What was the first name of the first First Lady?

Martha Dandridge Custis was the wife of the first US president. However, the answer is not so simple , since the title of "first lady' was not used for the President's wife until many years later. ( Please see the related question for more detail.)

How do you go in yoda's house in Lego Star Wars?

you must be a midget like yoda, anakin (episode 1) ewok, jawa, boba fett (child) or ugnaught just finish story play then play it again in free play as one of the midgets

Is there a cheat to get yoda's ghost on Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

You dont have to cheat you just beat the last level and then you can buy ghost yoda, anakin, and obi-wan or if want to use cheats then at the main menu do this: up left down right three times then R L start select then the debug menu will come and do that and do cheats select all people and anythin ( Full Answer )

What is meant by first name and last name?

Last name is the name of the family-father's last name, or mother's last name. First name is the name given to certain member's of the family. For example: John Smith. Smith is the name of the family (father's family or mother's family). John is a specific member of the Smith family.

What is the first name of a cartoonist named Browne?

Take your pick. Chris Browne ( 1952 - ) is an American comic strip artist and cartoonist . He is the son of cartoonist Dik Browne and the brother of cartoonist Chance Browne. Dik Browne ( August 11 , 1917 - June 4 , 1989 ) was born Richard Arthur Allan Browne in New York City. He was a popular car ( Full Answer )

When is yoda's birthday from Star Wars?

Actually, knowledge about birthdays in Star Wars are pretty scarce. Since every planet in the Star Wars universe has different rotation periods, length of time, such as number of months per year etc. will be different with every planet

What is the first name of the first first lady?

Sarah. Sarah Jay (1756--1802), was the daughter of New Jersey governor William Livingston and wife of John Jay. John Jay was the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1789 to 1795). Martha Washington wasn't the "First Lady." No other former Presidents' wives were either. This is no ( Full Answer )

Does first name come first name or the last name?

That depends on several things. In America, the first name is placed first and then the middle and last name follow. My name, for example, is Donna Lee Halper (or just Donna Halper, or Donna L. Halper). But in some Asian countries, like China and Korea, the last name comes first. So, the woman who i ( Full Answer )

Why do you have first names?

You have a first name because when you are born your parents pick a name for you so when you get older you can be identified.

What is the first name of a scientific name?

The genus is the first part of a scientific name. Note that the genus is always capitalised. An example: Lemur catta is the scientific name of the Ringtailed lemur and Lemur is the genus. Another example: Sphyrna zygaena is the scientific name of one species of Hammerhead shark and Sphyrna ( Full Answer )

How did the first last name be named?

Well... maybe there was a guy named uh... maybe Wilson...:) then another Wilson appeared then a person said "Hi Wilson" when they were next to each other and he got confused and then...Next day.... "Hi I'm Wilson and my last name is bill" so then the first last name as then born. l_l

What is the first name of the first president in Pennsylvania?

I am not sure what you are asking. Pennsylvania is a state, and does not have a president-- it has a governor. However, when it was founded, for about twelve years, it did have a chief executive who was called a president-- if you are asking about him, the first person to hold this office, beginning ( Full Answer )

What color is yoda's poop?

That is a ridiculous question, and I see no point in trying to ask a question like that.

What are their first names and last names?

Aron Rothenberger, Gregory Bas, Donna Carway, Danielle Hyland, John Towler, Matthew Damon, Gavid Reimold, Dennis Callahan, Eric Stern, Luz Morales, Jacob Morgan, Mykel Davis, Luke Ryan, Jason Alexa, Sara Reo, Jefferey Tholany, Suzanne Leshner, Larry Shaples, Thomas Cassaday, Michael Abiane, Susan Wr ( Full Answer )