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What is a 'homunculous'?


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September 13, 2011 1:40PM


A person of very small stature.

Or more specifically . . .

homunculi (the plural form) is a a science fiction concept of people that are made without souls, though homunculi are often demons, which makes sense as demons come to where people are messing around with bloody Mary shinanigans and ouji boards.

Alchemy is the science that tries to convert metals to other things, like stones to gold, or anything like that, which has yet to happen, though even now, there is a scientist that is working on a bacteria/bug that eats something and poops out something useful besides fertilizer.

In the anime Full metal Alchemist, they call necromancy and witchcraft alchemy (which is messed up), trying to find the philosopher's stone, but all they get is a bunch of demons, in addition to the fact that the main character lost his arm and leg and cost his bro his whole body, having to live out the rest of his life in a suit of armor!