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A wireless extender or more commonly a wireless range extender is a device that increases the range of the wireless network supplied by the wireless router or wireless access point (WAP). It is used by first configuring it to connect to the router/WAP's wireless signal and then it is placed in an appropriate area to help reach parts of the office or home environment in which the signal is too weak prior to deployment of said extender. The best place to set up a range extender is where the signal from the router/WAP is still fairly strong. Typically a signal that is still detected as three out of five bars is fine. Weaker than that and the quality of connection for the remote wireless workstation will not be of acceptable quality to provide decent service.

To answer the other part of your question, you are correct. The extender does not need to be plugged into anything other than power. It works with the wireless network over the airwaves just like any wireless device would.

If you have any other questions about wireless networking or networking in general, feel free to drop me a line.

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Q: What is a 'wireless extender' - it is some sort of plug which is plugged into the wall but not into anything else on the other end. What does it do?
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Open Web browser and visit Note:- This is a local URL only available for the Netgear customers A web page will appear in front of you. Click on the new extender setup Create new account if you have don't, to set up your extender for the first time. Click on the setup as an Extender. Now it would scan for the available network. Select on the network you wish to extend. Set the new password for your AC1200 Extender Network. Follow all the instructions come on the way Now enjoy the extender and connect all your devices to the extended network. Get all your queries resolved Toll-Free Number 1-888-346-4070

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