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What is a 'Bad Egg' in Pokemon Sapphire?

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A bad egg is a glitch but anything that hatches at the time of a bad egg will hatch into a bad egg. a You can also get a bad egg through hacking a Pokemon game except for ROM hacking, you can get one for using too many action replay codes at once. Modifying and editing Pokemon will often result bad eggs or having stats higher then 255.

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How do you get missingno in Pokemon Sapphire?

Hatch the bad egg.

What are all the glitches in Pokemon Sapphire?

i know of bad egg and missingno

Can a bad egg in Pokemon sapphire hatch?

Yes but don't let it!

What is the bad egg cheat in pokemon sapphire?

I'm not sure what the cheat is, but a bad egg is definitely something you don't want in your game.

Can you gt a bad egg in sapphire?


Can latios and latias have an egg in Pokemon Sapphire?


How do you get a bedew egg in sapphire?

Budew cannot be found as an Egg nor in the wild in Pokemon Sapphire. This Pokemon only existed in Generation IV and up.

How can you get the bad egg in Pokemon Sapphire?

Its a 1 in 8,280 chance to get 1 from regular Pokemon or you must Breed 2 of the Pokemon that have a white circle with a black ? on it or 2 Missingnos.

What are the glitches in Pokemon sapphire without AR?

i don't know why but my sableye turned into a bad egg and i didn't use cheats

Can a bad Egg in Pokemon hatch?

usually a bad egg can not hatch, a bad egg is NOT A WIFI EVENT, if bad eggs do hatch the game will either freeze or will hatch into another bad egg other Pokemon eggs at the time of a bad egg may hatch into bad eggs instead of Pokemon.There is no such thing as a bad egg in Pokemon.A bad egg can never hatch from itself it will just stay as a egg

Can you get a pokemon egg in sapphire?

Yes. You can get an egg for free in one of the towns and you can 2 compatible pokemon in the daycare and they'll make an egg.

What is the gameshark to steal other trainer Pokemon ruby?

Ruby: 011adfe345a2aa44 Sapphire: 011adfe345a2aa44 By:Utsal Bynarutofan6612 It is wrong if you catch the Pokemon then it will turn into a bad egg

What is a bad egg in sapphire?

it is an egg that is unhatchable no matter how many steps you take.

How do you get a egg from the day care in Pokemon sapphire?

you put to Pokemon that are the same but they have to be a female and male then you have to wait a little and you will have and egg

What Pokemon is best to make an egg with Jigglypuff Pokemon sapphire?

ditto and wiglituff

What eggs can You get sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire, the only egg you get from an NPC is the Wynaut Egg from the old lady in Lavaridge Town. You can get an egg from any Pokemon that can breed, as with any other Pokemon game that has the Day Care that allows you to leave two Pokemon there. You can breed any Pokemon that can breed with Ditto (except for another Ditto), which can be caught in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen and traded to Sapphire.

What is a lucky egg in Pokemon sapphire?

A Lucky Egg is a held item that boosts the amount of EXP. the Pokemon holding the Lucky Egg gains.

What is in the egg in Pokemon sapphire?

The egg you get by the spa contains a whynawt the pre evolvtion of wobbafet

What does the Bad Egg do in Pokemon?

You can get the bad egg in the games: ruby, Sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl, and i think platinum, and possibly heartgold and have the bad egg when: it hatches like every 2 steps you take. another egg hatches from the egg. you can never deposit your bad egg in your Pokemon storage thingy, because it won't let you, although you can trade with other people. and if you have the bad egg, then your the unluckiest person , because the bad egg will freeze your game, and delete your save file. so all that work you did in your file, will all be deleted.

Can bad eggs in Pokemon actually be good?

A bad egg is a bad egg.

How can you get Azurill in Pokemon Sapphire without using Pokemon Emerald?

hach an egg or surf

Will a bad egg still hatch in Pokemon pearl?

You are a bad egg.

What is the bad egg in Pokemon?

The Bad Egg in Pokemon is a glitch created when the data of a Pokemon is corrupted. It is impossible to create a Bad Egg in a normal play-through of a Pokemon game but it can be made using a cheat device.

How do you get a bad egg in Pokemon Platinum?

By using a AR and catching someones Pokemon it will be called bad egg

How do you clone Pokemon in sapphire version?

You Can't clone in sapphire but you can get a ditto and another pokemonin the daycare. They have an egg.