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A choir or chorus is a musical ensemble of singers. A vocal ensemble which sings in a church, or sings exclusively sacred music, is called a choir, whereas an ensemble which performs the non-soloist parts of an opera or musical theatre production (or sometimes an oratorio) is called a chorus. For most other ensembles those two words may be used interchangeably. Other equivalent terms, often used in the names of choirs to provide variety, include chorale. There are also terms for more specific types of choir, such as glee club, barbershop quartet, and Madrigal group. A choir usually has eight or more singers, typically with two or more singers on each part; a chorus is typically larger still, with many singers on each part. Smaller vocal ensembles are usually called trios, quartets, quintets, etc. (e.g., barbershop quartet), or a vocal group or singing group. and,,,,,,,,,,, In tragic plays of Ancient Greece, the chorus (choros) is believed to have grown out of the Greek dithyrambs and tragikon drama. The chorus offered background and summary information to help the audience follow the performance, commented on main themes, and showed how an ideal audience might react to the drama as it was presented. They also represent the general populace of any particular story. The chorus usually communicated in song form, but sometimes the message was spoken. It was the playwright's job to choreograph the chorus. In early tragedy, all parts were played by a single actor; because the actor left the stage often to change roles, the chorus was especially dominant. It is thought to have numbered approximately 50 singing and dancing members (choreutai) circa 508. Tragedy came to be composed of episodes separated by choral odes. In these odes, the chorus would chant rhythmically, so they could be viewed as one entity rather than individuals. In the second generation of Athenian tragedy the chorus often had a more substantial role in the narrative; in Euripedes's Bacchae, for example, the chorus, representing the frenzied female worshippers of Dionysus becomes a central character in itself. Although Aeschylus reduced the chorus to 12 members, it remained critical to his productions. Under Aeschylus, the chorus played such key roles as the protagonist in The Suppliants, and the antagonist in The Eumenides. Sophocles increased the chorus to 15 members, although the choral odes became only tenuously related to the dramatic action. The Sophoclean chorus was divided into two sub-choruses of 6 (hemichoria) and a leader (koryphaios); the number of actors increased from two to three. The leader of the chorus interacted with the characters in the play, and spoke for the general population (the play's public opinion). This change favoured the interaction between actors and thus brought ancient greek tragedy closer to the modern notion of dramatic plot. The size of the tragic chorus continued to waver, settling for a time at 3 members. Use of the chorus can be seen not only in Ancient Greek tragedies, but also in more recent works such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
a chorus is where someone is singing, dancing, or talking simultaneously

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Q: What is a 'chorus' in music?
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What is a chorus in musical theatre?

the chorus is the back round music

What is a verse in music?

A paragraph in music such as a intro or a chorus

What is the structure in music?

In music, structure means how the music's built. Example verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-bridge.

What is structure in music?

In music structure means how the music's built. Example verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-bridge.

In music what does verse mean?

its basically the bit before the chorus and after the chorus! (a load of words)

What is a riff in music?

A riff in music is just like a chorus in a song played

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A mixed chorus in Indonesian music

What is a glee club?

a chorus organized for singing choral music.

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What was the function of the chorus in Greek drama?

The chorus in Greek drama sang the dialogue, they told the story through music. The chorus gradually grew smaller and was replaced by actors instead.

What is structure in elements of music?

The structure of a piece of music is how the piece is arranged; for example the piece written in verse-chorus form has alternating sections (verse and chorus). Classical music has more technical forms like sonata form.

Handel Hallelujah Chorus genre?

Classical music, Baroque period, absolutism. This oratorio uses chorus, solists, and full orchestra.

What is a structure in music?

The structure of a song, is the order of things. For example: Introduction Verse Bridge Chorus Verse Bridge Chorus x2

What does the structure of music of music mean?

it means what is the phases of music weather its in a loop or a chorus and versus or even fast and slow xx

What class do you sing in school?

Chorus/Music class it depends on the school

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Where can one find music for a chorus line?

Sheet music for a chorus line can easily be found online from sites like Onlinesheetmusic, Metrolyrics or Lyricsfreak. some sites provide sheet music for free while others charge a small amount.

In musical terms what is a bridge?

a bridge is a small section of lyrics or music that leads up to a chorus or verse of the music.

What is music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus called?

melismatic singing.

What is the music on the current asda advert?

The Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly by Puccini.

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What is the structure of a rock music song?

bass, guitar, or drums alone for a couple seconds in the beginning and then verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. That's the basic structure but a lot of songs don't follow that (example: walking contradiction by green day, amazing song, it goes verse, verse, chorus, same verse as first one, chorus chorus).

What are the three main types of songs in Baroque choral music?

a. ARIA b. RECITATIVE and; c. CHORUS d. orange music

What does the structure mean in music?

you have your chorus, verse and bridges etc... so structure means like you have a verse then a chorus then a verse then a laddy07(emma) happy to help =]

What structure did britpop songs use?

Most Britpop songs use a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure. This is the same structure used in most of Western popular music since the early days of rock and roll.