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What is a 'dead ball foul' in little league basketball?

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A dead ball foul is a term in which the ball has not been inbounded, the clock is stopped, thus a "dead ball," and a foul has been commited.

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What is dead ball in basketball?

Dead ball refers to any period of the game when the clock is not running.

What is a dead ball rebound in basketball?

after a free throw (which is a dead ball situation) if they miss the basket and you catch 'the rebound'

In little league baseball if batter hit the ball with butt of bat and the ball goes in play is it a live ball?

Yes. The only time it would not be live is if the batter, when swinging, hit the ball with his/her hands it would be a dead ball.

When can you substitute in a high school basketball?

At a foul, time out, dead ball, etc.

Does the basketball become dead when it is on the top of the backboard?

Yes. When the ball remains out of play the clock is stopped.

Can you call a timeout at youth basketball game on defense?

yes. but only on a dead ball. You can't call a defensive time out when the ball is in play.

What is deadball in basketball?

A deadball in basketball is when someone who is dribbling the ball, stops dribbling. That person is just stuck in that spot until a teammate comes to retrieve the ball. You can only be "dead" for 5 seconds with a defender on you.

When can you substitute a player in basketball?

You can substitute a player after a free-throw, during a timeout, or when the ball is dead and the clock is stopped.

How many times can you substitute a player in a game of basketball?

As many times as a coach wants to, when there's a dead ball.

Are there any dead basketball players?

Yes, there are dead basketball players.

In college basketball does the ball have to hit the rim on a free throw?

yes. if a missed free throw does not hit the rim, its a dead ball and possession goes to the opposing team.

Is it out if basketball goes over the top and behind the backboard but otherwise stays in bounds?

If the basketball touches the side of, or goes over, the backboard, then the ball is called out of bounds and the play is called dead.

When in bounding a basketball can you move your feet at all?

Yes but there are exceptions. You're only allowed to move after a team scores. If it is a dead ball, then the referee tells you where to inbound the ball and that's the only spot you can inbound the ball.

When is the ball dead in a football game?

When the ball is thrown and it hits the ground it's dead. Or if the runner loses the ball after his knee is down the ball is dead. And in cases where flags are thrown the ball and the play is dead.

What is the meaning of dead ball in volleyball?

I guess it is called dead ball when the ball touches the ground.

Can you call a timeout on defense in high school basketball?

No, the only times where one can call a timeout is when their team has possession of the ball or when there is a dead ball, which means the clock is stopped (out of bounds, foul called, etc.).

How many people on offense in basketball?

5 people on offense and defense, they have to be the same players, and if you want to substitute someone, you have to wait for the next dead ball

Where does a pitcher have to receive a ball so another play can start?

In MLB, the ball is always live unless by rule the ball becomes dead or the umpire calls time out. In other leagues, it will depend on the rules for that specific league.

Is the ball dead or live when a batter ball hits a runner?

It is a dead ball and the runner is out. If the ball hits two runners, only the first runner is out, because the ball is immediately dead when it hits the first runner.

Why is the air pressure of a basketball important?

So the ball will not lie dead on the floor when you bounce when you pump air in it it will be lighter and bounce higher if you slam it hard enough

When is the ball considered dead in football?

A ball is considered dead when it goes out of bounds or is fumbled.

Is it a dead ball if the ball hits the ground before the batter hits it?

No, the ball is not dead and the batter may attempt to hit it.

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