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What is a 'hard leg'?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-14 12:42:08

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US Army slang for a man, in reference to his member. Often used plurally to denote a sausage fest. "Ain't nothin' but a bunch of hard legs and no ass to be found!"

2006-08-14 12:42:08
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What is the height of Spongebob's leg?

hard to tell

Can you break a dogs leg with a flip flop?

No I don't think you can because the flip flop is very light and not hard so when you hit it against the dogs leg it will not hurt. The dogs leg is hard and sturdy.

Can an elephant survive without one leg?

No,Because it will be hard to survive with one leg missing.

What is hard to lose yet easy to find?

Your leg

When you cough hard your left leg goes numb and tingle?


Can horse chestnuts be eaten?

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What do the vets do if a ginnipig leg is broke?

It is very hard to fix a leg this small. There are some vets who will try. It can get really expensive to pay for this.

Hard lump in leg?

It could be old and you need to go to the vet's

Hard lumps and bruises on leg?

Stop getting beat up

Can rubbing a guys leg make him hard?

it depends on how hot u are

Will skateboarding be hard starting from broken leg?

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What is the hard spot on the inside of a horse's leg called?

It is called a chesnut.

Why would an injury be a dysfunction?

An injury would be a dysfunction because for example, your leg hurts a lot and it hard to move it that is considered an injury and a dysfunction since your being disrupted in the function of your leg that's it hard to move it

Can you lose leg fat by riding a horse?

Yes! riding is really hard work, and if you do it enough, u could lose leg fat.

How do you treat a broken leg on the Oregon trail?

If you were to get a broken leg on the Oregon Trail you would have someone lie you down on a hard surface. Then they would take the leg and pull it as hard as they could trying to put it back in place. Then once they thought that it was it the right place they would put a board next to your leg and tie a string around and around so that you could not move that leg. After that you would hope for the best.

How to brake yore leg?

fall of the stairs and land on the floor real hard

What is a gainer in gymnastics?

its when u start in a scale on ur bad leg (with ur good leg in the air) then swing ur good leg and do a back handsping! srry its kinda hard 2 explain!

HOW TO BReak your leg?

If you put force on your anckle or hit your anckle hard you will have broken your leg in no time :):):):):):):):):):):):) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orr u can just jump of Ur stairs

How do you kick the soccer ball far and hard?

easy if you are a righty or lefty lift your strong leg as high as you can on your back then kick it hard!

What's a good exercise to get rid of the fat on the back of the thighs?

Lunges and the leg curl at the gym, the leg curl is hard to do but it wworks as it concerntrates on the muscles in the back of you leg and that includes the back of the thighs if you do the exercise correctly that is.

Does Joe Jonas have a fake leg?

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What type of cast do you need for a leg break just under the knee?

A hard one.

What is this hard stick thing poking out of your leg after you fell down the stairs?

Your broken bone

Similes in the book the Pearl by John Steinbeck?

kinos dick was as hard as a prosthetic leg

What were the Fashion trends in 1991?

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