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In 1998 the libero player was introduced internationally, the term meaning free in Italian; the NCAA introduced the libero in 2002. The libero is a player specialized in defensive skills: they must wear a contrasting jersey color from their teammates and cannot block or attack the ball when it is entirely above net height. When the ball is not in play, the libero can replace any back-row player, without prior notice to the officials. His or her replacements also do not count against the substitution limit each team is allowed per set, although NCAA rules only allow the libero to be replaced by the player whom s/he replaced.

The libero may function as a setter only under certain restrictions. If s/he makes an overhand set, s/he must be standing behind (and not stepping on) the 3-meter line; otherwise, the ball cannot be attacked above the net in front of the 3-meter line. An underhand pass is allowed from any part of the court.

Furthermore, a libero is not allowed to serve, according to international rules, with the exception of the NCAA women's volleyball games, where a 2004 rule change allows the libero to serve, but only in a specific rotation. gypsy queen

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Is there a libero position in men's volleyball?

Yes there is a libero in men's volleyball.

Why does the libero wear a different color top?

The Libero in Volleyball is like a GoalKeeper in Soccer, The Libero is the most skilled defender in Volleyball. And in the rules of volleyball the Libero must wear a contrasting outfit to the team

Do you have to have a libero in volleyball?

No you do not need a libero in volleyball. During the 2012 club volleyball season teams will be allowed to have up to two liberos.

What is the other term for defense specialist in volleyball?

Libero Libero

When did volleyball teams start using a libero?

1998 saw the international introduction of the defensive libero player to the sport of volleyball.

Who is the libero of Philippine Volleyball national team in Volleyball?


What is a libero tracking sheet?

A libero tracking sheet is used in volleyball to mark down when the libero comes in and out of the game and who he/she goes in or out for.

Is a libero in volleyball allowed to set?

Yes, the libero can set. However the libero may not block, attempt to block, or serve.

Do libero positions serve in volleyball?

Yes, the libero can serve in volleyball. However, they can only serve for one position. Once the libero serves in a particular position in a game that is the only position where the libero is allowed to serve. However, the libero is not required to serve in that position for all subsequent rotations.

What is the Name for the special substitute in volleyball?

The Libero

When did the use of a libero begin in volleyball?


What position does L stand for in volleyball?


What is position L in volleyball?

L is the Libero.

How can you be a libero in volleyball?

A libero is a defense specialist in volleyball and their main job is to pass the volleyballs and pick up hits in the back row. To be a libero, you would need to be defensive, and accurate passer and willing to dive for the ball.

In volleyball is there always a libero?

There is not always a libero. It is the coaches decision to have or not to have a libero, just like it is his or her choice to field any other position on the team.

Functions of libero in volleyball?

The function of a libero in volleyball is to play defense in the backrow. These players have to be one of the team's strongest players and need to be able to anticipate the direction and speed of a hit.

What year was the libero introduced?

In 1998 the libero was first used in international volleyball and was first allowed in the NCAA in 2002.

Title of seventh player on an indoor volleyball team?


Who is the person that is allowed to play on the back row in volleyball?

the libero

What is is a ds in volleyball?

Defensive Specialist Sometimes called a libero

What is the girl called that wears a different uniform in volleyball?

The Libero

What is an LDS in volleyball?

lds stands for libero or defensive specialist

Does a libero in volleyball has to change the position after every serve won?


What is the name of the player in volleyball that only bumps?

A Libero, or Libro.

What is the function of a libero in volleyball?

A libero is a back row positioned player that is normally your best passer on the team. The Libero can be subbed in to the game without having to do a rotation with the umpire. The libero also wears a different jersey than his/her teamates to indicate that he/she is libero.