What is a 'special-needs' child?

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Special needs child In general terms a special needs child is one who has some type of physical or mental/emotional disability. The specific definition of "special needs" varies from state to state. It may be that the child has special medical issues, mental health issues, abuse history, learning disabilities, or is just an older child or of a minority race.

A SPECIAL NEEDS child is a child that for various reasons doesn't fit the "NORM". They may need help in any area of daily living skills. Some may be slightly delayed in dressing themselves, while others are total care, and need help in all aspects of daily skills. In days past, these kids were called "retarded", "deformed", "handicapped","slow", "disabled" etc... "Special Needs" covers all and seems more polite.

Adoption related: In (PA), any child in the foster care system over 4 years old is considered special needs. The term is extremely broad, and can really mean: "Any child but a perfectly healthy, white infant" ... the "in demand" children for adoption. ... a parent of two adopted "special needs" children (healthy children adopted as teens) Special needs just means that the child in question has special/or additional needs. I'm short sighted and need glasses or contacts in order to see as clearly as someone with 20-20 vision. This is a special need. Some children may need extra care when learning or a hearing aid or a speach box which are all special/additional needs.

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Q: What is a 'special-needs' child?
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