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I believe she has full rights to her child as would an adult. why do you ask? are you planning on removing the child? is she harming the child? if so please remove the child if the abuse is really bad. if not please get this mother help for her and her child. find them a good church and pray for her.

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Q: What is a 17-year-old mother's rights to her child?
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Surrogate mothers have visitation rights to see the child later?

Nope, no rights to the child at all after birth.

Can the father who only has visitation rights keep the child what is the mothers rights if the dad wont bring the child back?

He absolutely cannot. The mother can call the police and they can take the child back. Most likely will he loose visitation rights if he does this or it will be supervised or in the mothers home.

What rights do a teenage mother have?

Teenage mothers have all of the same rights that adult age mothers have. They have the right to custody, child support, and help from social agencies.

Can a child choose to live with an uncle without their mothers consent in ga?

Only if the mother has no legal rights to that child.

Does a parent still pay child maitenance if the child is adopted by his mothers husband?

Typically, an adoption terminates the rights and responsibilities of the biological parents.

Can a dad sign over his rights to his child if there is no one in the mothers life to adopt the child?

It seems unlikely that the courts would accept this. Anyway, terminating parental rights does not terminate child support. see links

What are the legal rights for a father concerning a newborn?

He has just as many rights to the child as the mother does. It is his child too after all. HOWEVER- his rights are not as cut and dry as are the mothers. If his name is NOT on the birth certificate he has NO rights. At that point he would be required to pay for DNA testing to prove it is his child before he can do anything. Then and only then can he exercise his rights as a father.

Can the state keep family from adopting a child once the mothers rights are terminated?

Yes if the family is not found suitable. You don't mention the father and his rights. For a child to be able to be adopted the father have to agree as well.

Father not on birthcertifcat and mom marries and child has mothers maiden name what happens?

The father can file for paternity rights.

When is it considered kidnapping if there are no legal custodial rights?

Police don't question mothers about custody when there's a claim the father kidnapped the child, but single fathers have absolutely no rights to the child until granted them. see link

Mothers signing off do they have to pay child support?

If by "signing off" you mean, terminating parental rights, support continues until/unless the child is adopted.

You live in Nebraska and the mother of your unborn child wants to move out of state What can you do?

for all have rights! is not only the mothers baby but is also your baby.go to an attorney and speak about fathers rights

What is mothers custody rights when unmarried in Texas and?

She has full custody from birth. The father have to prove paternity in court to gain his parental rights and get custody, visitation and pay child support.

Can you terminate a mothers rights in Washington?

In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

How can a guy have a kid and not ever see him knowing all the time he could and doesnt even pat child support?

He's exercising his right to abort his responsibility for a child he didn't want. The same rights mothers have without killing the child. But than, mothers are also allowed to abort their responsibility for the child even after the child is born. Shouldn't he be allowed the same right?

Can you legally adopt a child as her step mother against her mothers wishes?

Yes, but only if the legal parents sign all rights.

Your ex husband and you got custody of your step daughter from dhr the mothers parental rights were not terminated how can you get custody of this child?

file for custody

The child has the mothers name the father is listed on the birth cerificate does the father have parental rights?

In the U.S., yes, unless proven otherwise.

Why have mothers?

Mothers have eggs which the father fertilizes. Mothers are needed to nurse and educate the child.

Can a 17yearold be charged as an adult on aggravated robbery charges?

Yes, it is POSSIBLE.

If father signs over his rights to the mothers husband will he still have to pay child support?

There must be a court order terminating parental rights. A person cannot sign over their rights to another -- the law does not recognize such a procedure. Until the court issues an order, the father has retained their parental rights, and child support payments will need to continue according to the court order. If parental rights are terminated, there are no child support payments required

Why the child is immune to the disease that the mothers have?

The child isn't.

What are an unwed mother's custody rights in New Mexico and where can I find the statue?

New Mexico law does not have a specific statute that addresses the rights of single mothers. As with other states, the rights of parents are secondary to the rights of a child. In all cases, if a court is to decide the living arrangements of a child and contact with parents, it will be based on the welfare of the child. The marital status of the parents is of little importance compared to the ability of parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the child.

Does a parent give up their rights if they refuse to pay child support in PA?

no, only mothers have the right to abort responsibility for a child, even after the birth. see link below

Are grand parents rights greater that mothers rights?

No one has greater rights than a parent.