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What is a 180 degree turn?


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A turn where you face the opposite direction.

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The ballet term for the 180 degree turn on one foot is 'pirouette'. Pirouettes can be double or triple or more, turning 180 degrees multiple times.

Either a straight line or an about turn / about face.

180 degrees is half a rotation so probably a half.

A U-turn. Turn 90 degree to your right or left, then make another 90 degree turn in the same direction as the first - voila! You're going back where you came from.

a 360 turn means turning in a full circle. 360 divided by 2 = 180 a 180 turn means turning so you face where your back was. (half of a full circle) A 180 degree turn is going half way around in a circle. For examples, stand up where you are and look straight ahead. If you spin around completely and end up back in the exact same position you started in, that is a 360 degree turn. If you turn just half way around, so that your back is facing where you had been looking before, that's a 180 degree turn.

If you mean radians, you multiply by 180 and divide by pi.

Because the river want to turn 180 degree.

Opposite direction of what they were doing in life.

owls.., hoot,hoot (ovo) <( . )>

it has 45 90 135 180 225 270 315 and 360 degree turn semetry

180 degree Celsius are 180 degree Celsius, inside and outside of a microwave oven.

No, a U-turn is 180 degrees. A 360 degree turn brings you back to where you started from.

Do a full 180 degree turn of the teaserthe pegs have swapped

180 degree Celsius = 356 degree Fahrenheit

angle+angle+angle=180 degree then'a+b+c=180 degree example: Q what is the angle of a triangle,if a=50,b=60? answer:a+b+c=180 degree a+50+60=180 degree a+110=180 degreea=180-110 a=70 degree please answar my question

This is quite easy, you just turn it. 180 degreees. All the way round. NO. That's 360. Do not make the same mistake as I did.

Answer = A 180 degree angle is called a Straight Angle!!

180 degree Celsius = 356 degree Fahrenheit.

0, 180 or 360 degrees - depending on the direction of the turns.

The commands are: While standing, "About, Face". While marching, "To the Rear, March".

A right angle (L) is 90 degrees. A straight angle (_) is 180 degrees.

With a four stroke engine each stroke is 180 degrees.

No, an angle ABOVE 180 degrees is a reflex angle. A 180 degree angle is a supplementary angle or a straight angle.

A 180 degree angle is a straight line.

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