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1847 is kinda rare for a U.S.A Coin...

If it is worn out pretty bad, but you can tell it is from the United States and the date on it is 1847, then about $40...

If it is at least in pretty good condition, (not absolutely perfect), it is worth $100...

If it is in just about, barely from brand new like, perfect condition, it would be worth $125...

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Q: What is a 1847 one cent piece worth?
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What is the 1847 gold one cent piece worth?

One cent coins were never made of gold.

What is a US 1891 one cent piece worth?

about $12.

How much is a 1951 one cent coin with the US on one side and Canada on the other worth?

How much is a Canada 1 cent piece worth /1951

How much is a 1845 liberty one cent piece worth?

It depends on the grade.

Is a two cent stamp worth anything?

2 cent stamps are issued today by the US, but 2 cent stamps have been issued since 1847. If you have one of THOSE 2 cent stamps you have a valuable stamp indeed.

What is an 1825 one cent piece worth?

The 1825 one cent (penny) is worth about $5000 used condition and if its a uncirculated is worth about $25,000 dollar but to make sure check with ur local coin dealers.

What is a 1857 US one cent piece worth?

Two different U.S. one cent coins are dated 1857. A large cent and a small cent. Post new question with more information.

What is 1856 one cent piece worth?

Assuming you mean a 1856 Large cent, in average circulated grades, the values are $20.00-$50.00

What is 1828 misprint large one cent piece worth it is stamped with one instead of one cent?

The coin needs to be seen for idea of value, take it to a coin dealer.

What is a 1799 hawian penny worth?

Please look at the coin again. The U.S. did produce one cent coins for the Kingdom of Hawaii but not until 1847.

What is one cent worth in dollars?

one cent is worth 0.01 dollars

What is the value of a 1997 Liberty one cent piece?

A 1997 US one cent piece? is a Lincoln cent and only face value.

How much is a gold Kennedy 50 cent piece worth?

Being gold plated removes its numismatic value. The coin is worth 50 cents and the plating less than one cent.

What is the value of a 1838 one cent piece?

An 1838 one-cent coin can be worth about $50 when in fair condition. If the coin is in excellent condition, it can hold a value of over $1000.

What is the value of a one cent piece from 1956 with no mint mark?

It's a common date, worth 3 cents.

How do you give 11 cents in change using 4 US mint coins?

A nickel, a 3 cent piece, a 2 cent piece, a one cent piece.

What is the value of your 1859 one cent piece in VG condition?

unfortunately, 1 cent. all pennies made in 1959 or after, are worth 1 cent in any circulated condition.Many thanks for your answer, but the coin in question is an 1859 one cent piece, not 1959. I understand there are a number of variations to this coin, what should I look for?Frank Lowinger

What is a 1943 one cent piece worth?

This is a common date coin, value is 3 to 10 cents for circulated coins

How much is a 1991 penny?

It's worth exactly one cent.

What two coins add up to 55 cents and one of them can not be a 50 cent coin?

It is kind of a trick question. One is a nickel, so it is not a 50 cent piece, the other is a 50 cent piece. They didn't say that neither coin is a 50 cent piece, only that one is not.

A man has two coins in his pocket that total 55 cents One of the coins is not a fifty cent piece What are the two coins?

a fifty cent piece and a five cent piece. The question says ONE of the pieces isn't but the other can be!!

What is a 1867 two cent penney worth?

PENNY, not "penney". Penney's is a department store chain. Also it has to be either a two cent piece or a penny but not both. A penny is worth one cent so a "two cent penny" is not a meaningful description. Please see the Related Questions for possible answers depending on what you have.

What is the value of 1999 one cent?

It's still worth one cent.

What is a 2002 euro cent worth?

One euro cent.

How much is 1900 us one cent piece worth?

A US Indian Head cent dated 1900 is common, coins in average circulated grades sell of $1.00-$3.00