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I would check your model number?The Winchester model 1897 was a shotgun made by Winchester,while the 32-20 caliber is a rifle cartridge that was used in the model 1894 Winchester lever action rifle and other models,but never in the model 1897 shotgun.

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Winchester did not make a 32/20 handgun.

Value of ANY gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. We need information in order to give an answer.

Value is based on make, model and condition. In the case of an older rifle, condition will drive value. You will need a hands on appraisal. Take you unloaded rifle to a gun show near you, check with the dealers and collectors there.

The Winchester high-wall Single Shot rifle is referred to as a Model 1885. The value will be determined by the exact configuration of the rifle, the factory originality, and the graded condition, all of which require a visual inspection and evaulation. I can provide a detailed assessment if you desire, and can be contacted at Bert H.

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A few hundred to over a thousand depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, box, accessories, manual, etc..

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anywhere from $500.00 to several thousand depending on the shape the weapon is in.

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Colt made a single action army revolver that used 32.23 ammo & I believe Winchester, Colt lightning, Savage & Remington made 32.20 rifles,if that answers your question

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Can't be answered with any degree of accuracy without a detailed description of all markings, features, condition, finish, box, barrel length, name of maker, etc..

Also known as the .32 Winchester Center Fire, the 32-20 cartridge was used in revolvers and light rifles. It's name indicates that it fired a .32 caliber bullet, originally loaded over 20 grains of black powder.

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