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Q: What is a 1921 silver dollar worth with lady liberty on the front and an eagle on the back?
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Who is on a 1922 silver dollar?

All silver dollars (1794-1935) have a picture of Miss Liberty on the front and an eagle on the back.

Liberty on front and eagle on back on a 1943 half dollar coin?

Yes. This coin is called a Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

What does a Morgan silver dollar look like?

A Morgan silver dollar was minted in the United States between 1878 and 1921. It has a Lady Liberty head on the front and an Eagle clutching an olive branch and arrows on the back.

Who is the lady on the front of a silver eagle coin?

Remember Miss Liberty, as in "Statue of ..." ?

What is the value of an 1886 platinum dollar coin?

There's no such coin. If you have a large (38.1 mm) dollar with a spread-winged eagle on the back and Miss Liberty on the front, it's made of silver.

How do you tell if a coin is a trade dollar or a Morgan?

On the front of a Trade Dollar it has Lady Liberty seated facing the left and on the back below the eagle TRADE DOLLAR. A Morgan Dollar has the head of Lady Liberty on the front.

What is on the back of us silver dollar?

the liberty bell in front of the moon

What is a dollar silver coin worth with an eagle on the back and a lady liberty on the front that was made in 1999?

That's a one ounce silver round, so the value varies with the price of silver. As of 20 June 2012, silver is $27.90/ounce.

What is a 1836 standing liberty silver dollar worth?

No Standing Liberty dollars have been made by the US, the only dollar coins struck in 1836 are the Gobrecht dollars which have Liberty Seated on the front and a large flying eagle on the back and they are rare. Look at the coin again and post new question.

Does a walking liberty have a sun on the back?

The back of the Walking Liberty half dollar has an eagle on it. The sun is located on the front of the coin just left of Lady Liberty.

How much is a pure silver 1943 half dollar worth when it has a man with a sun on the front and a large eagle on the backside?

Not pure silver - 90% silver, 10% copper. Not a man - that's Miss Liberty. See the Related Question for values.

Where is the mint mark on a Liberty silver dollar?

Right in front of the right claw along the edge.

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