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The US Mint did not issue proof sets from 1943-1949.

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The 1993 5 coin proof set sells for about $7.

the 3 coin proof set with 2 silver proof one dollar coins and one 10 dollar proof gold coin is worth about $550.00 retail the 3 coin proof set with 2 silver proof one dollar coins and one 10 dollar proof gold coin is worth about $550.00 retail

The U.S. Mint did not produce any proof coins in 1949. Mint Sets (uncirculated coins) were issued in 1949. The sets have two of each coin issued for circulation and were packaged in cardboard. Current value of a 1949 Mint Set is $1,000.00 to $1,400.00 depending in the condition of the coins.

A Proof set is $8.00 & a Mint set is $5.00

A 1973 6 coin Proof set is $9.00. A 13 coin Uncirculated Mint set is $18.00.

The US Bicentennial Proof Set came in two versions: the normal set (1 cent thru dollar coin), and the silver 3-Coin Set (quarter, half dollar and dollar). The normal 5-coin Proof Set is worth about $7 retail - and the silver 3-coin set, $25.

No US proof coins were made from 1943 to 1949. The set can only be a privately assembled set of coins that may be high grade uncirculated examples. Each coin would have to be graded and given a value.

If it's a Proof set about $12.00,A Mint set about $8.00

A 1963 uncirculated mint set is worth...$50.................A 1963 Proof set is worth about $30

The standard 2005-S 11 coin Proof set has an average retail value of $14.00 Issue price was $22.95

The 14-coin set has an current average value of $60.00. Issue price was $31.95.

Are you referring to an annual proof set? If so, its value is: $1800 to $2500.

The uncirculated 3-coin set shows a value of $240.00 the proof 3-coin set is $175.00

They are worth 10 cents. There is no collector value to a new coin unless it is a proof set or an error.

The 1976-S Bicentennial 3-piece coin set is worth in proof condition $15-$20. In uncirculated condition, its value is: $17-$20.

You just spend it. Unless you have a coin in a mint-set with an "S" mintmark that is either proof or uncirculated, your coin is worth $1.

There are two different sets of coins released by the US Mint every year. The uncirculated coin set contains one coin of each denomination from the Philadelphia mint and Denver mint. These are called P-D sets. This set will have twice the number of coins as the proof set for the same year. For 1999, the uncirculated coin set has 18 coins total and is worth $23.00 according to The proof set for 1999 contains 9 coins and is worth $55.00.

August 9, 2009 If it is a US Proof Set is worth about $16. If it is an uncirculated Mint Set then its worth is about $26.

July 26, 2009 The American Gold Eagles are dated bullion coins minted in Uncirculated condition and in Proof condition. The 4 coin set, uncirculated or proof, containing the $5, the $10, the $25 and the $50 coin, is worth about $1,900 at todays gold price. There is additional numismatic value. The 4 coin proof set sells from $2100 to $2400 depending upon the actual condition of the coins. The 4 coin uncirculated set contains the scarce 1991 $25 coin and is valued from $3200 to $3400.

The 5 coin proof set has a value of $6, the 10 coin set has a value of $15 and the 10 coin silver set has a value of $48.

If your proof set has 9 coins it is worth $15. If it has 5 state quarters it is worth $9. If it is a regular silver proof set it is worth $144.

August 17, 2009 The 1988 US Mint Proof Set sold for $11 in 1988. Today is valued at $10.

A normal 1991 S proof set is worth $9. A 1991 S proof prestige set is worth $51.

If all coins have birds on reverse, it is a BVI proof set. Average retail value is $12.50.

A 2004-S annual proof set is worth: $70-$80.

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