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Those Lincoln-Kennedy cents were modified by a private company, NOT the U.S. Mint. To find the value, check how much they're selling for on eBay. It's probably not much.

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if its a penny its 1 cent duhhh

The U.S. never struck a silver cent. It would be worth more than a dollar! Your coin is an ordinary penny that was plated, and is worth only a penny.

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

The value of coins and paper money can vary drastically depending on year, condition, and stamping. A 1974 Canadian penny is worth between 2 cents and 5 cents.

In uncirculated condition it might be worth up to a dollar. Otherwise, it's just a penny worth for its copper value currently at 2.3 US cents.

Proof pennies are only made at San Francisco. It's not a proof. It is just a penny worth a penny.

It's worth about 2 cents for the copper.

It's worth about 2 cents for its copper content.

It's worth about 2 cents for its copper content.

If it is a penny struck on a dime planchette it could be quite valuable. If it is just silver is still worth a penny.

There seems to be some confusion here. Kennedy is on the half dollar, while Lincoln is on the penny. A 1974 Kennedy half is worth 50 cents. A '74 Lincoln cent is worth 2 cents for its copper content.

This is a novelty piece not made by a US mint.

It's almost certainly either a privately-issued piece or a genuine penny that was altered. Either way it has no collector value.

It's almost certainly an ordinary penny that was plated with a silver-colored metal. In that case it's considered to be damaged coin worth 1 cent.

It's an ordinary circulation coin worth face value only - about 2¢ U.S.

The 1924Lincoln penny is worth $4.00 worth

Value depends on the size of the clip, average value is $3.00-5.00

A penny is always worth a penny no matter what.

In 1896 a penny was worth a penny. If you have a penny dated 1896 then it is worth more than that.

Actually, it is illegal. The metal in a penny is worth more than a penny. However, quarters made before 1974(I think), can be sold for their weigth in silver.

Yes, there are pennies worth $2000. A 1974 penny made from aluminum has been estimated between $250,000 and $1,000,000. A 1969 S Double Die Lincoln penny was sold in 2002 for $59,500.

A penny minted in 2013 is worth a penny, or 1 cent.

Because the legality of the coins is in doubt and currently are illegal to have, a value can't be given.

Penny Gold - 1974 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

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