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The 1989 (and all other dates) One Dollar Silver Eagle coins are bullion coins that have 1 ounce of pure silver in them with a value that follows the market price of silver which changes by the minute and right now it's $17.34 per ounce. Because of that the worth of the coin is a little less than spot price at time of sale.

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The 1989 American Silver Eagles were issued as Proof and Uncirculated. Today the proof coin has an average market value of $25.00, uncirculated is $23.00.

The coin is not a silver liberty dollar. It's a 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin and has no silver in it and the value is one dollar.

If the coin has any wear the value is for the silver about $12.00

As of 16 August 2017, silver is worth $17.14/ounce. Weigh your coin and do the math, and you'll have your answer.

No such coin exists. From 1905-1920 there was no dollar coin minted.

No such coin as a "Liberty Silver Dollar" exists. All U.S. one dollar coins From 1794 to 2012 have the word LIBERTY on them. Please post a new question with the date on the coin.

In 1986 the United States Mint, by an Act of Congress, authorized the minting of three different coins celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. There was a $5 gold coin, a $1 silver coin and a $.50 silver coin. The $5 gold coin is now worth about $300 in 'proof' (sealed in its plastic container) condition. The $1 silver coin is worth about $20 proof, and the $.50 silver coin worth about $6 proof.

A. The coin you are referring to is a PEACE dollar. This coin is 90% silver and worth its silver value, unless graded by a third party or in mint state. a standard fine condition coin is not worth anything over spot price of silver.

At current market prices, silver is worth $31.74 per ounce, so that's the value of your coin.

Assuming the coin is circulated with no mintmark and still in collectible condition, the 1904 Morgan (not Liberty) is a common coin, current average values are $40.00-$50.00 depending on the grade of the coin. I've liberty silver dollar, the year is 1776-1976 w/picture of bell on the rear of silver dollars.. How much it worth?

$13 or more depending on the condition of the coin.

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It's a 1988 one-ounce Silver Eagle bullion coin and as of today is about $18.00

the worth value of the liberty dollar coin is worth 50cents.

The silver value of the coin is $1.25 as of today and that's likely what you could sell it for.

The value is only for the silver in the coin as of today(11-21-09) silver is $18.51 per ounce. Also please note: The coin is a American Silver Eagle not a walking liberty silver dollar.

$20 to $56 depending upon the condition of the coin.

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It is worth the value of it's silver content. 30 grams 0f .90 silver.