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The last Morgan dollar was released in 1921. Look at the coin again and post new question.


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A 1999 1oz silver dollar may be worth up to $50. The value is based on the value of silver at the time of sale. The price of silver changes nearly by the minute.

It's worth any where from $75-$100 sealed in mint condition.

6-4-11>>> If you mean a 1991-S proof Silver Eagle bullion coin? The average current value is $43.00.

If it doesn't contain any Silver at all, the market price is set by the mintage number for 1991 one dollar coins + condition of the coin.

As of today the value is about $17.00 it's a bullion coin and the value is just for the silver. FYI it's called a Silver Eagle or American Silver Eagle coin

It's worth one dollar in Canada.

It will be worth the value of silver per ounce. Currently about 30 dollars.

7-23-11>>> Each coin is one ounce of silver, the market closed at $40.07 per ounce, so about $80.00

Average current market value for the 1991 PF Koren War Memorial silver dollar is $17.00-$23.00 depending on the actual grade of the coin.

Assuming you mean a gold-colored "Loonie" coin that's the same size as a U.S. Sacajawea dollar, it's a regular circulation coin and is worth face value only, 1 Canadian dollar If it's a larger silver dollar it's a collector's bullion piece worth a premium for its silver content. The 1971 - 1990 are only worth about $10 - $13 each. 1991 through the present range from about $15 - $45 depending on the year.

This coin was minted and sold for its silver content, not for spending.Its value will vary with the price of 1 oz. of silver. Check your newspaper's financial section or Google silver AND "spot price" for current values because it changes every day.

That is actually a one troy oz round of silver. so whatever the spot price of silver is at the time.

50 cents, it is not silver and was a coin intended for circulation.

In perfect uncirculated condition, a 1991 Canadian $20 Dollar note is worth between $22 and $30 US Dollars. In any other condition, it is worth face values ($19.50).

A 1991 Silver Eagle Dollar in uncirculated condition is currently worth about $13.00With Silver currently over $20 an ounce, this is not true, It's intrinsic value is currently over $20SIH08 Silver Mar 08 13:33 20.22More:It depends on where it was minted. The American Silver Eagle bullion dollar was minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco. All of these coins are meant for collectors so none were made for general circulation. Here are the prices according to USA Coin Book as of 10/2010: Philadelphia: The uncirculated coin is worth between $18 to $22. The value depends on what the price of silver is on any given day. It is worth $22 today while last week it was worth $21.San Francisco: This mint only produced proof coins with mirror-like surfaces, which are far more valuable than the intrinsic value. These are worth about $45.

It is worth 1.00 CAN. 23,156,000 were minted in that year, so unless it has a minting error it is only worth one dollar Canadian.

Unless your coin is graded MS-70, the coin retails from around $25-50 depending on collector demand.

About $17, but the value could change whenever the price of silver changes.

What you have is actually a bullion piece sold for its metal content and not a coin intended to be spent. The $1 denomination is artificial. The price of silver changes every day. Type the words SPOT PRICE SILVER into Google or for the most current values.

It's not really a coin, it's a bullion piece sold for its silver content and not for spending. The current price of silver is about $17 per ounce.

1921 5 cent piece 1948 Silver Dollar 1991 quarter

This stuff has no numismatic value at all, but check eBay for values

The coin is a Silver Eagle bullion coin that is made from one ounce of silver and value is whatever the spot price of silver is at time of sale.

Chet Morgan died in 1991.

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