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What is a 1993 Liberty silver dollar worth?

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There is no 1993 Liberty Silver dollar. There was a silver bullion coin (called a Silver Eagle) minted in 1993 - depending on its condition, it may be worth slightly more than its 1 troy ounce of silver (as of October 10, 2007, 1 troy ounce of silver is valued at $13.62).

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A 1993 American eagle Bullion Silver Dollar in MS69 condition is worth: $ 50; if its mint state is PF69, the value is: $275.

Actually it's Liberty walking not standing. It's one (Troy) ounce of silver with a current values of $34.86.

Can you please supply to me the type of Silver Dollar you have and its mint state. You must be in possession of a commemorative coin.

5-10-11>> The coin is ounce of pure silver and the value is tied to the spot price of silver at time of sale and it varies, as I type this, the coin is worth $38.22

Please note, Their American Silver Eagles not walking liberty silver dollars. The value follows the spot price of silver and right now it's $18.60 per ounce.

As of today 9-13-11 it's worth about $40.00.

How much a 1993 Jamaican 5 dollar coin is worth depends on the condition of the coin. Based on the value of silver as of September 13, 2014, such a coin is worth about 5.55 US dollars.

In 1993 the Republic of Liberia issued a Nolan Ryan 10 dollar silver proof coin. The value of this coin is about $15.

The 1993 Proof Thomas Jefferson 250thAnniversary commemorative silver dollar was issued as proof & uncirculated. Both have the same retail value of $19.00.

It's worth exactly one dollar in Canada.

how much is work 1993 100 dollar gold canada

This is a bullion coin and its value follows the market price of silver per ounce and as of 2-8-10 value is $15.13 per ounce, so that's the value of the coin.

That's not a circulating dollar coin, but rather a Silver Eagle bullion coin. It's 99.9% pure silver with a trace of copper.

collector intrest in this type of coin is very low so it's real value is it's silver content. a I ounce coin of .99fine silver is worth about $14

Please turn the coin over and check the denomination on the back. You'll find that it's a HALF dollar. Assuming it's from circulation, it's not silver. It's made of copper-nickel like dimes and quarters, and is only worth face value.

Assuming it's a coin the same size and brass color as a U.S. dollar, it's worth ... one dollar.

If the piece is silver, it depends on the weight. Take it to a jewler.

These bills are called silver certificates rather than "paper silver dollars". However the last silver certificates were dated 1957. As you can see from the green Treasury seal and the words across the top front of the bill, you have a standard Federal Reserve Note which is only worth $1.

According to the 2011 Red Book, your ten dollar bill is worth US$10

U.S. pennies have never contained silver. Your penny is probably silver plated for jewelry or other decorations.