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It is the St of FL Personal Lines Insurance Lic. Basically you can service and sell insurance with this lic. for Auto, Home and small vessels.

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What is an insurance 215 license?

It's the Florida insurance license that allows you to sell Life Health and Variable Annuity insurance in Florida.

What is a 220 florida insurance license?

A 220 Florida insurance license is a general lines agent license. It gives the license holder the legal right to sell property and liability insurance.

What is a 215 license?

It's the Florida insurance license that allows you to sell Life Health and Variable Annuity insurance in Florida.

Do you need a license to sell pet insurance in Florida?

Yes, you need a license to sell pet insurance in Florida. You can contact the local insurance commission to find out about the requirements.

No car but have a Florida drivers license do i need to carry insurance?

No. You do not have to carry insurance in Florida if you dont own a vehicle.

Can I get a Florida insurance license with a misdemeanor?

Florida residents can usually still obtain a Florida insurance license if they have a misdemeanor as long as they are not in the process of completing any outstanding requirements by the court or in the process of paying fees.

How long do speeding points stay on your license in Florida?

Points in Florida stay on your license for 3 years for insurance purposes.

Is there an Online Insurance Pre-licensing course for a Florida license?

Yes, the University of Central Florida, in partnership with Florida Insurance University offers a program for the All Lines Adjuster license, and the 4-40 Customer Service Representative license.

What license do you need to sell long term care insurance in Florida?

In Florida you would need a 2-14 or 2-15 license.

If your drivers license is suspended in Florida for lapsed insurance can you get a licence in another state?


Can you get an insurance license in the state of Florida with a felony conviction?

Call the 800 number of the Florida Insurance or the Florida Licensing Boards. The answer is yes.The only difference is there is a waiting period starting from the date of your last offense and also sometimes depending on if its your first offense and what license you seek.

What if your license can be canceled if you?

Your license can be canceled if you do not have proof of insurance or if you have unpaid tickets or fines. Your license can also be canceled if you are behind in child support payments in Florida.

Can you get car insurance with a suspended license in Florida?

Some companies can offer you a policy even with a suspended license. I would contact an independent insurance agent that represents multiple carriers.

Can your driver's license get suspended in the state of Florida if your insurance is cancelled?

Acually no, it will just get towed.

Do you have to get insurance right after you get your drivers license if you dont have a car?

not if you live in the state of Florida but the vehicle you operate has to have insurance. i.e. who ever owns the vehicle is responsible for insurance.

Do Florida points accrue to a Maryland license?

My information is that the ticket will show for insurance points but not for drivers license points. You can verify with the MD DMV.

Can you get a Wisconsin drivers license if you have a suspended license in Florida?

That would be considered illegal and you wouldn't be able to get insurance. You cannot hold a license in more than one state at a time, and a suspended license counts.

Where can I get motorcycle insurance in Florida?

There are many insurance agencies that service Florida. You will want to gather your relevant information: Vehicle identification number, make, year and model, drivers license number, etc. Then contact one of your local insurance providers.

How do you get a repo license in Florida?

how do i get a a repo license in Florida

How do your get pet insurance license?

You get your property and casualty insurance license and then you can sell pet insurance.

Where can out of state drivers unable to drive send Florida 150.00 first time reinstatement fee and a copy of current proof of insurance for suspended license due to expired insurance?

Include a reinstatement M.O. fee of $150.00 payable to : Florida DDL (Division of Driver's License) (with Florida Driver's License Number on Money Order). Also include a copy of current proof of insurance. Mail to: BFR PO Box 5775 Tallahassee, Fl 32314 Sorry: Mail Process takes 7-10 days to reinstate license.

Can the state Florida suspend your drivers license if you have no auto insurance?

If you are caught driving an un-insured car: YES

What is a 440 license?

The Florida 440 License is a customer insurance representative license that allows the licensee to work for an insurance agent in the sales and service of property and casualty insurance policies. Those with a 440 license may not work outside the agency to solicit sales, but they typically handle incoming calls and make calls from the licensed insurance agent's place of business. They answer questions from customers and help establish new insurance policies as well as give advice on existing policies.

What is the Florida All Lines License?

The Florida All Lines License is the highest level of licensing for a Florida Claims Adjuster. There are three types of All Lines licenses: 1. The 6-20 Company license is available to insurance company employees; 2. The 5-20 Independent license is available to anyone not a direct insurance company employee; 3. The 3-20 Public Adjuster license (represents property owners against insurance companies) The 6-20 and 5-20 licenses are available through the Accredited Claims Adjuster designation offered by the University of Central Florida/Florida Insurance University. The designation excuses or exempts the applicant from the state licensing exam. The 3-20 license requires passing the state licensing test and posting a $50,000 surety bond. As of January 2009, additional requirements regarding an apprenticeship and new continuing education will take effect.

where could i take the insurance adjuster license in the next couple of day in florida along with an exactimate class?

You can take the florida insurance adjuster license at Adjuster Pro: below is some information about the course: Certified Adjuster Course Overview: The 4 day Florida Certified Adjuster Course (including exam) satisfies all Florida Department of Financial Services requirements for obtaining your Florida insurance adjuster license. Once completed, you will simply submit your application to the state of Florida. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once your application has been submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Florida adjuster within weeks.