What is a 25-pin connector used to connect a printer called?

A printer cable can connect to a serial printer using a 25-pin "RS-232", DB-25 connector, among other things. In many cases, only a few pins of the defined 25 pins are used (e.g., send, receive, common). There are also adapters that convert between the 25-pin connector and, say, RJ-11 phone cord, RJ-45 Cat 5, or even screw terminals for 3-conductor cable, or what-have-you, for connection to the computer (e.g., a DIN-8 in a Mac), or a converter for USB to RS-232.

If it is a Male connector on PC it will be 25-pin Serial Port, If it is a female connector (purple colored if latest) it is parallel port, sometimes called Printer Port(LPT) - Naresh , InfoMax