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Q: What is a 3D animation technician?
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Related questions

What is the meaning of bsc in animation and multimedia and ba in 3d animation?

Both are bachelor degrees but 3D animation degree is specialization in 3D Character animation, 3D rendering, creating 3D models etc.

How does Traditional animation supporting 3D animation?

CGI animation already gives off a 3D look. 3D animation wouldn't be successful without traditional animation.

Buy a 3D Animation Program?

form_title=Buy a 3D Animation Program form_header=Learn about 3D animation programs and discover which one is right for you. Do you have any prior training in computer graphics or computer animation?= () Yes () No On what computer platform do you intend to use the 3d animation programs?=_ Are you interested in software so you can create 3D animations?= () Yes () No

What are the hottest computer jobs in 2011?

Some of the hottest computer jobs in 2011 included a 3D animation technician, Internet Entrepreneur, Medical Modeling Systems Developer and Technician, and Digital Film Production Assistant and Technician.

What are the best 3D animation films available?

There are a good amount of 3D animation films available. The best 3D animation films are "EPIC", "Monsters Vs. Aliens", and the amazing movie "Avatar".

What do 3D animation and cartoon animation have in common?

They're types of Animation.

Is there any c plus plus programming in 3D animation?

Generally speaking, no. 3D animation is achieved with 3D animation software and scripts. The software may be largely implemented in C++, but that's not the same thing as creating 3D animations.

How is 3d animation different form ordinary animation?

What you are describing as 'ordinary' is probably 2D, or cartoon animations; i.e. drawings of characters or objects. A 3D animation, on the other hand, involves clay models, or 3D drawings of characters and objects which are then incorporated into an animation.

Applications of 2d and 3d animation?

Try looking into Toon Boom, Synfig, and Flash for 2D animation software. Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Maya are well known for 3D animation.

Where can one take 3d animation lessons?

There are many places where one can take 3D animation lessons. This includes a local community college, or even online via universities that offer 3D animation courses.

What does animation-2D and 3D mean?

2D is two dimensions and 3D is three dimensions. 2D and 3D animation is animation that works in 2D and 3D. Often, 3D is used instead of 2D in order to enhance the perception of quality, even though the 3D is rendered on a 2D visual field. Its a matter of perspective. (Pun intended.)

Which 3d animation studio in mumbai?

3D modeling

Does Photoshop allows you to render a 3D animation as a QuickTime movie?

Photoshop allows you to render a 3D animation as a QuickTime movie?

Is hand drawn animation better than 3D animation?

Matter of preference.

I have downloaded 3d models of Bendy characters and want to use them for an 3d animation app. But I tried prisma 3d and it didn't work. Is there any other 3d animation app I can use on my android tablet where I can use the 3d models?

I only know of a few, Hope This Helps! Toontastic 3D PicsArt Animator Animation Desk Animate It Yea that's all the apps I know sorry :

What is difference vetween 2d animation and 3d animation?

2d animation usually consists of frames being showed rapidly to produce the effect of movement and usually has no reality freatures to it. 3d animation usually consists of movement designed to move under programming and has no frames. 3d animation lets you design figures and save them for later use and you do not draw figures.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cure 3D Animation - 2009?

The cast of The Cure 3D Animation - 2009 includes: Aritra Neogi as Scientist

What movie studios use 3D animation?

Some major movie studios in the United States that use 3D animation are Pixar, DreamWorks, Walt Disney, Blue Sky, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Vanguard Animation, and Aardman. There are also smaller studios in the U.S.A. and international movie studios that use 3D animation.

What 3d animation software is available?

There are a few 3D animation software programs that are available in today's market. The most known is LightWave 11.5, 3D Modeling and has some packages that go along with it.

How do you make a 3D animation?

There is a lot involved in creating a 3D animation, including UV mapping, rigging, creating the models, rendering and much more.

When did 3d animation industry start?

3D Animation Industry start in 2002. For more information, you can visit-

Application of 2D and 3D animation?

Hard to say but for 2D animation is mostly used Adobe After Effects (but can do simple 3D). For 3D you can choose from e.g. Autodesk 3dsmax, MAYA, Cinema4D etc. You can Google them.

Want to know about animation institutes and the future in animation?

There are lots of animation schools, both physical and online. Computer animation, especially 3D animation, has a great future.

What do you call a major for 3D design such as characters in warcraft?

Animation or 3D Modeling.

Can 3D TVs watch cartoons?

The only animation you can watch in 3D are the feature films that were created in 3D and released on 3D bluray.