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The new market for 3D accelerators and 3D acceleration features has spawned a large crop of 3D video cards with varying capabilities. There are several different approaches that are taken to providing a system with 3D capabilities. While the available cards and technologies are changing rapidly, you will generally find that the cards on the market break out as follows:

* 2D Only (Conventional) Cards: These are regular video cards that do not incorporate any special 3D acceleration functions. Usually these are either older cards, or newer cards that are optimized for 2D performance. When using a card of this type, it is necessary to pair it with a 3D card to obtain 3D acceleration functions.

* Dedicated 3D Cards: These are accelerators that are designed only for 3D hardware functions. Since they do not do conventional 2D acceleration, they need to work with a 2D card in most cases to deliver good 2D+3D performance. Most of the higher-quality 3D cards are of this variety. They typically use a feature connector to connect directly to the 2D card. This lets the 3D card perform its acceleration functions to provide a video stream without requiring its own RAMDAC or bus control logic. This is generally the best solution for high-end graphics but it incurs the cost of two video cards.

* Combination 2D+3D Cards: In an effort to tackle the cost problem of using an additional, separate card for 3D acceleration, many companies are developing cards that perform both 2D and 3D functions. For many users, this is a good, cost-effective compromise. Most of these cards provide from moderate to good 2D performance, and support for some to most of the 3D acceleration features. However, like most compromises, these cards typically don't provide the level of performance or feature support that dedicated 3D cards do. It is important to research these cards well, since many of them support only a small subset of the 3D acceleration features found on 3D cards.

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Q: What is a 3D video card?
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Related questions

Do you need a 3d monitor to play PC games in 3d?

No. What is required is a 3d capable video card, a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz or greater and the 3D glasses for your video card.

Installed game x men-3 but it gives error of could not initialize direct 3d?

Update your video card drivers and make sure that your video card supports Direct 3D if not then you're going to need to update the card itself.

Why don't your 3d accelaration work?

A proper video card is required.

What is a good definition of a video card?

A video card is the component that generates a feed of output images to a display. Most video cards allow for the rendering of both 2D images and 3D images.

This video card does not support multitexturing Multitexturing is required in order to properly view the 3D game environment?

You need to buy a better video card. There isn't much else you can do.

Why do you need different hardware for 3d?

You don't need different hardware, however, different hardware improves performance and is recommended. Many computers can run basic 3d applications without a video card (Without the different hardware). A video card is useful because 3d graphics is very, very heavy on the CPU (The processor inside the computer). The GPU (The processor inside the Video Card) is dedicated for 3d, while the CPU is a general-purpose processor, this means that the GPU can handle 3D much more easily than the CPU. Suppose you are playing a video game: The CPU has to handle numerous calculations, in order to reduce the CPU load, the 3D is handled by the GPU, while the CPU handles everything else.

What is the price of 256mb 3d accelerated or else video card Is it supported P4 2.4GHz processor I have 1GB RAM so which 256mb video card will support P4 2.4GHz for games not more than 256mb.?

you can find a 256mb video card for around 20-30$

What is the purpose of the video card in a desktop computer?

A video card's purpose is to support the use of graphics on a computer. It has two primary purposes, to output video signals to a supported device, such as a monitor or television, and to facilitate routines integral to placing visual data onto the attached device. Classic video cards provide only a "frame buffer", which is an area of system memory that is mapped to the video card's memory buffers; writing an image to this buffer will cause that image to appear on the monitor. Modern video cards also provide 3D rendering and memory for holding 3D objects such as textures. These cards are optimized for displaying 3D images in realtime without tying up the CPU for those operations.

Are gaming computers good for video editing?

ya gaming computers are good for video editing but u also need 3d accelerator card.

What does an AGP Card do in a computer?

An Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Card enables 3D computer graphics to be displayed on computers. This is often linked to a video card, which improves game playing experiences on computers.

What to do if my system can't support your 3d graphics?

I would suggest checking your video card, but have a professional do it, as those things are expensive, obviously. Chances are, if the video card is at fault, or even if it isn't, the pros can fix it, maybe at a discount price too!

Will the ati radeon x1550 hm 512 mb pci 3d video graphics card work with fallout 3?

Yes it will

Can adding more RAM take the place of buying a video card?

RAM will only allow you to run more programs or more resource consuming ones. A video card will allow you to render more advanced 3D graphics etc. So that would be a no.

How to convert 2d movies onto 3d?

To convert 2D movies to 3D, you have to use the 2D Video to 3D Converter. It has the new functions of converting 2D video to 3D, including 3D WMV, 3D MP4, 3D AVI, 3D MKV, 3D YouTube, etc.

Can you play video games in LG 3D TV with the 3D effect?

There aren't a lot of video games designed specifically for 3D. More 3D games will be released as 3D televisions become more popular.

Can the Xbox 360play in 3d?

only if you have a 3D T.V. or a 3d video game with 3d glasses.

Is a 3D chat the same as a video chat?

No, 3D chat is not the same as video chat. Video chat is a 2D chat only. While in 3D chat we get to see all the three dimensions.

Is a cheap laptop designed for Internet tasks such as web browsing good for 3D graphics?

Probably not - 3D graphics uses a lot of memory, and preferably an independent graphics card. Laptops usually share their RAM with video, audio and other tasks, which makes it unsuitable for 3D graphics.

Do you get 3D glasses with Netflix?

No, Netflix does not provide 3D glasses. To watch a video in 3D, it must be watched on a television that supports 3D and the video must also be available to be watched in 3D. Typically the glasses are sold along with the television.

What is a display adapter?

A video display (aiso called a video card,display card ,graphic card,graphic board, display adapter or graphics adapter) is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display.Most vidio cards after various function such as accelerater rendering of 3d scenes and 2d graphics ,mpeg.2/mpeg-4 decoding,tv output.

Is r4 3d really 3d?

No no, currently, all R4 3DS card run DSi model on 3DS console. There is no flashcard which can run 3D games. So the R4 3DS card is actually DSi card.

Are 3D video games really 3D?

3D games are not "pop-out" 3D games. It means that the environment of the games is 3D. Everything has a back, front, and sides.

What is the difference from a discrete video card and an integrated video card?

An integrated video card is "integrated" into the motherboard. That means the motherboard has a video card built in. A "discrete" video card means that you have a separate video card, one that typically plugs in to one of the expansion slots.

What is tha function of veido card?

A video card (aka graphics card) renders components that are being displayed on your screen. even the windows transparency is rendered by a graphics card. many low end computers have graphics integrated into their cpu. this is not good for 3d gaming. So if you are a hardcore gamer get a laptop/pc with a dedicated graphics card.

Why update video drivers?

While 3D hardware acceleration often brings greatly enhanced levels of performance to Active Worlds, it may also bring some annoying complications, due to the enormous number of different 3D video cards out there. Some video cards might have bugs which adversely affect performance, cause bizarre rendering errors, or in extreme cases cause Active Worlds to crash or even the entire PC to lock up, requiring a reboot. Each video card also has many different possible software driver versions that may be installed on a particular PC, and some drivers may work better than others. The latest driver available for your 3D video card has the best chance of working well with Active Worlds or for that matter with any software on your computer in Direct3D and/or OpenGL modes.