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a 45 degree angle is less than a 90 degree angle and more than a 30 degree angle

Its like cutting a round Pizza into 8 equal slices, one of the slices is a 45 degree angle, two slices would be a 90 degree angle. 360 degrees is the circle of the whole pizza. It doesn't matter the size of the circle, or Pizza if its easier, the angles will still be the same.

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Is there a 45 degree angle?

Yes, there is a 45 degree angle, and it is known as an acute angle.

Which type of angle is a complementof an angle with a measureof a 45 degrees?

90 - 45 = 45 So another 45 degree angle is the complement of a 45 degree angle.

How is the 45 degree angle is useful?

if you double a 45 degree angle you have a perfectly perpendicular angle, a 90 degree square corner.

What is a forty five degree angle called?

A 45-degree angle is an acute angle

What is a 45 degree turn?

A 45 degree turn is an angle

What angle is its own complement?

A 45 degree angle is its own complement; 45 + 45 = 90.

How is a 45 angle related to a 90 angle?

A 45 degree angle is half of a right angle (90 degrees)

Is a 45 degree angle an oblique angle?

An oblique angle is any angle not 90 degrees or a multiple of 90 degrees. So 45 degrees is an oblique angle. A 45 degree angle is also an acute angle (anything less than 90 degrees).

Can a rectangles 90 degree angle be split into 45 degrees?

Yes, it can. Dividing a 90 degree angle in half will produce two 45 degree angles.

What is the perimeter of a 45 degree angle?

An angle doesn't have a perimeter.

What is meant when they say put at a 45 degree angle?

A 90 degree angle can be bisected into two 45 degree angles with a compass and straight edge The diagonals of a square bisect their opposite corners into 45 degree angles

How do you cut a 135 degree angle?

Cut a 45 degree angle "going the other way".

What is a pacman angle?

his mouth is a 45 degree acute angle but his whole body would be a 315 degree reflex angle.

What angle do you enter a vein in phlebotomy?

You enter at a 45 degree angle

How do you draw 45 degree angle using ruler and compass?

Construct 2 perpendicular lines which will meet at 90 degrees then by bisecting this angle wll give a 45 degree angle

Where would you find a 45 degree angle?

Find a square and draw lines on the diagonals. The angle between a diagonal line and side line is 45 degree.

Can you create a 90 degree angle using a 45 degree angle?

Since 45 degrees is half of 90, you can use two 45s to make a 90.

What is the angle of a 100 grade?

If you mean 100% grade, the answer is a 45 degree angle.

What angle is Sine and cosine equal?

at a 45 degree angle, or pi/4

How do you construct a 22.5 degree angle?

Use a protractor or bisect a 45 degree angle with a compass and a straight edge

How do you construct 105 degree angle with using compass?

with compass.........at 90+60degree angle,,,,,,,,, * * * * * and 90 + 60 = 105??? You need to draw a 90 degree ange and bisect it to give a 45 deg angle. Then add a 60 degree angle. 45 + 60 = 105.

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