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belive a 5-1 is 1 setter and 5 other players equalling 6 there are outide hitters middle and back backrow a server can serve and there is usually a libero which is a backrow player only usually the most shorttest erson but not always

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Does a rotation occur after each point is won in volleyball?

A rotation occurs when there is a side out.

What does domino mean in volleyball?

In the rotation of volleyball, domino five is when the setter is pushing up the middle.

What does a volleyball coach do?

A volleyball coach: -Runs practices -Creates a rotation for the players during the game

What is the volleyball rotation?

To the right of the front row players.

What is the definition of the volleyball term rotation?

a player which is replaced

What are the basic scales of the game volleyball?

the basic scals in playing volleyball is scoring,rotation,basic violations,the court

What is the term in volleyball used to move players into another position?


How does the rotation in volleyball work?

when you look at the net the players rotate clockwise

How many setters there in a 4-2 rotation in volleyball?


Can anyone play anywhere on the volleyball court?

yes but you have to start out in rotation

What is the rotation in a college volleyball game?

Same as any age or level, clockwise.

When does a rotation happen in Volleyball?

it happens when the service changes from one team to the other...

What does 4-2 mean in volleyball?

It is a volleyball formation/rotation that includes 2 different setters (whichever one is in the back row sets).

Do players move counterclockwise in volleyball?

Yes, the girls, or boys, do. Its called a rotation. You do this whenever a ball touches the floor on the other side of the volleyball net.

How many people are on the court during volleyball?

Usually it's a 6 person rotation.

Why have libero player?

They help with defense in indoor volleyball and is the only player that does not have to stay in rotation

What happens if a team is found to be out of correct rotation order?

In volleyball, if a team is out of rotation, then a point is given to the other team and the serve goes to the other team as well.

Common faults in volleyball?

Doubles, net violations, out of rotation, foot fault, lift, etc.

Does rotation occur after every point is won in volleyball?

no each team rotates after they win their serve back

Shifting one position clockwise just before a new person serves in volleyball is called what?


What are the general rules of volleyball?


What is the rate of calories burn if you burn 51 calories for 15 minutes while playing volleyball?

51/15 You're looking at 3.4 calories per minute

What does a 5-1 rotation mean in volleyball?

There are 5 defensive players and one setter on one side of the net.

Can you move out of position while ball is in play in indoor volleyball?

Yeah you can move out of position- volleyball would be pretty tough if you couldn't. Just make sure you are in the right rotation before the serve or else the ref can call you out of rotation or an overlap. After the ball is hit you can move out of that position to play defense, set, hit, and/or block.

What is rotation in volleyball?

You rotate in a clockwise direction one position every time you get the ball to serve. Although, once you get better and have a specified position, rotation gets more complicated so that players play their position.

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