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there are no antonyms for free verse as far as i know

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โˆ™ 2012-02-23 01:05:59
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Q: What is a Antonym for free verse?
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Related questions

What are the differences between free verse and rhymed verse?

Free verse does not have to rhyme. Rhymed verse does.

What is everyday conversation poetry called... -free form -free verse -verse form -form free?

Free form and free verse.

What does free verse have that blank verse doesn't?

Free verse has variable rhythm.

Is the poem 'one' by James berry a free verse?

Free verse

Is the poem Chicago written in free verse?

Free Verse

Does free verse rhyme?

The words "free" and "verse" do not rhyme.

Is Eating Poetry a a free verse or rhyming poem?

free verse

How will you exsplain free verse?

Free verse is prose pretending to be poetry.

Is their a antonym for windbreak?

A antonym for windbreak could be free

What are the features of free verse?

Free verse is appealing to the ear over the eye. Free verse rely on patterns of sounds or rhyming to send the message

Is the poem Eldorado a free verse poem?

yes, it is a free verse poem.

Carl Sandurg's poem fog is free verse or blank verse?


How long is a free verse poem'?

as long as you want it to be, it's FREE verse

What is free verse?

Free verse is poetry without rhyme or regular meter.

What are the directions of how to write a free verse poem?

There isn't any! Free verse is free.

Is footprints in the sand in free verse form?

No it is not free verse because free verse poems do not rhyme. Footprints does. Walked, talked, scene, serene, etc.

How is free verse different from formal verse?

Free verse poetry differs from formal verse in that with free verse the writer is not constricted by rules of length, stanza and rhyming. Whereas in formal verse there are certain rules as stated earlier that must be adhered to when writing poetry such as Haiku or Sonnets.

What is Free-verse poetry?

A free-verse poetry is one that does not have a particular rhyming pattern

What is the rhythm of a free verse poem?

There isn't a requirement of rhythm for a free verse poem.

What is a definition of a free verse?

a free verse is a kind of poem that has a kind of a rap tune

How do you use the words free verse in a sentence?

She won first prize for her free verse poem.He recited a free verse he memorized.

How do you use free verse in a sentence?

She only wrote two phrases in her free verse poem.The poet was famous for his free verse style. While many people prefer rhyming, others enjoy free verse writing.

What is the best free verse poem?

Emily Dickinson was a very good free verse poet.

Is the road not taken a free verse?

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a free verse poem.

Definitions best describes free verse?

Free verse poetry is poetry that does not have a rhyme scheme.