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A Barnabite is a member of a Roman Catholic religious order which is associated with the church of St. Barnabas in Milan.

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Guy Chastel has written: 'Saint Antoine-Marie Zaccaria, barnabite' -- subject- s -: Barnabites

Born in 1743, Arpino, Italy. His father opposed of him joining the Congregation of Clerks Regular of St Paul. When he saw St. Alphonus Liguori preaching at a local mission, he was convinced by him to join. He was ordained in 1797, after doing so a few months later, he was to hear in the confessionals, (after such little time of being ordained, this was a rare occasion for him to be in the confessionals). He was able to be Director of two colleges, holding this position for 15 years. During the Napoleonic Invasion, all the Catholic properties were confiscated under a concordat between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII. Francis was bedridden- lost use of his legs- at the time and was to be left alone by this other colleagues in a hospital. Died January 31, 1815 of natural causes. He was canonized by Pope Pius XII. He was able to perform a miracle. A volcano (Vesuvis) nearby was errputing, Francis had himself carried to the volcano and stopped the lava; this was in 1805. He was a Barnabite.

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