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it is a shotgun. i have a 12 gage more than just shotguns are begium made. I have a 30-06. == == Actually this is a very good question. There are many people that have heard that term over the last Century, and it's understandable that many people do not know. In a nutshell, It's a Browning Arms Co. Gun that was made in Herstal Belgium at The plant of Fabrique Nationale (FN). Bewtween 1903 and 1976 most all Browning guns were made in Belgium. Some guns are still made at the Custom shop of FN, but the majority are now made in Japan. To say a gun is a "Belgian Browning", it is synonymous with quality. The handcrafted work that went into Belgian Browning guns is widely accepted as some of the finest mass produced guns ever made.

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Q: What is a Belgium made Browning?
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What has more value a browning made in belgium or made in japan?


Is a 1969 browning light 12 made in Belgium?

Yes.All Browning shotguns made prior to the year 1976 were Belgium made shotguns.

Where was the browning gun made in?


What is the difference between a browning gun that is made in Belgium and a browning gun that is made in Belgium assembled in Portugal?

You have answered your own question.

What year was your belgium browning made and the value ser?

what is the year made and value of ser. #'s 7g 10367 &236272 Belgium browning

Browning over under 20 ga lightning belgium?

Yes, Browning has made the Superposed Lightning in Belgium.

Where are browning shotguns made?

Belgium and Japan.

Can you buy belgium made browning?


Where is the browning made?

Japan, Portugal and Belgium

What is A-5 light 20 Belgium Browning made in 1961 worth?

What is an A-5 light 20 Belgium Browning made in 1961 worth

When did browning stop stamping on the barrel fabric en belgium?

Browning imported guns never did say "fabric en belgium". Those guns that were made by FN were all stamped "made in Belgium" on the barrels, for those guns that were made for Browning. There are Browning patent guns made by FN that were sold outside the US and not imported by Browning that may have said fabric, but not on a Browning Arms Co. gun. Browning stopped production on the A5 in 1976 when production began in Japan. Any gun no matter when it was made in Belgium would be stamped made in belgium. Different models were made at different times and production by FN varied as to when they ceased.

What does A V on a Belgium made browning mean?


Are all browning superposed made in Belgium?


What type of Browning 30-06 Belgium made rifle end in serial numbers M71?

The suffix of M71 was assigned to the Browning model BAR(Browning semi-auto rifle) which was made in the year 1971 in Belgium for Browning.

Who made belgium browning guns before 1950's?

Fabrique Nationale in Herstal Belgium made all of the Browning Belgian guns, even after 1950.

Are the guns from the browning custom shop made in 1990 made in japan and sent to belgium?

Custom shop are made in Belgium

When was the last browning rifle made in belgium?

It has not been made yet.

How old is Belgium Browning Sweet 16 -1S65955?

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by browning in 1961.

Was browning Sr 363280 made in Belgium?

Which model is this? Simply check the barrel. It should say Made in Belgium if it was.

How old is a Belgium made Browning Sweet Sixteen serial number 6S53784?

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1966.

Where can you get an owners manuel for a Browning Magnum Twenty made in Belgium?

Contact Browning and they will send you one.

What is the age of a belgium made browning double automatic serial?

You did not give the sn. Call Browning.

What is the age of a belgium made browning Light Twelve Serial?

You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

What year was this made Browning 22 Caliber Rifles made in belgium SN 2732503 Grade I?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

Browning olympian 3006 a bolt belgium made?

It will be marked.