What is a Billy Elliot?

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A Billy Elliot is a young male dancer, typically a Ballet dancer.

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Q: What is a Billy Elliot?
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Related questions

What is the duration of Billy Elliot?

The duration of Billy Elliot is 1.83 hours.

Is Billy Elliot a novel?

no billy Elliot is not a novel only a musical and movieREPLY:Actually, Billy Elliot is also a novel by Melvin Burgess.

When was billy Elliot made?

Billy Elliot was made in, I believe, the year 2000.

Who played Billy Elliot in the film?

Billy Elliot was played by Jamie Bell.

What is billy Elliot rated?

Billy Elliot (2000) is rated R for language.

Notes on the theme of Billy Elliot?

The theme in Billy Elliot is love and grieving.

When was Billy Elliot the Musical created?

Billy Elliot the Musical was created in 2005.

When was Billy Elliot created?

Billy Elliot was created on 2000-09-29.

When was Billy Elliot released?

Billy Elliot was released on 10/13/2000.

What was the Production Budget for Billy Elliot?

The Production Budget for Billy Elliot was $5,000,000.

Is the song 'Solidarity' in Billy Elliot the movie?

No, it isn't. However, it is in Billy Elliot the musical.

Who was the creator of the movie Billy Elliot?

Billy Elliot was written by Lee Hall and Daniel Dowdall.

How much money did Billy Elliot gross worldwide?

Billy Elliot grossed $109,280,263 worldwide.

Who is Billy Elliot's best friend in the movie Billy Elliot?

Michael Caffrey, played by Stuart Wells.

Who plays Billy Elliot in the Billy Elliot?

Jamie Bell! He's starring in THE EAGLE too. Check it out!

How much money did Billy Elliot gross domestically?

Billy Elliot grossed $21,995,263 in the domestic market.

Is billy Elliot gay?


How old was Jamie Bell when he played Billy Elliot in the movie Billy Elliot?

i think jamie bell was 12 or 13

Is there more than one actor playing billy Elliot?

Yes there are three boys playing the role of Billy Elliot

Which actor played Billy in Billy Elliot?

Jamie Bell in the movie

How old is billy Elliot?

i dont have a clue

What is Billy Elliot famous for?

He is ballet dancer.

What is the name of a musical with ballet in it?

Billy Elliot

Who is the best Billy Elliot?

In the musicals, the best Billy is probably Liam Mower.

Where was Billy Elliot from?

The film Billy Elliot was set in a northern England mining town, and the lead actor, Jamie Bell, who played Billy, was born in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, England.