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What is a Bolt for a girder?

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A bolt for a girder is a bolt that is cast in place with the cap. Therefore the bolt is concreted into the cap of the substructure of the bridge. The girder is then set on top of bearing pads, on top of the cap, in between the girder bolts. The bolts are there to keep the ends of the girders from moving side to side.

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girder is the main horizontal beam . the joists which are usually smaller, are connected to the girders and are supported by the girder.

That girder will be used for support.

plate girder is a vertical section which supports the beam while gantry girder is a horizontal section which supports the othet small beams.

girder isa a large strong piece of metal or wood.

Based on CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association Of America) specifications, both single & double girder are equally rigid, strong & durable. This is because single girder cranes use much stronger cross girders than double girder cranes, and single girder cranes have lateral bracing, unlike double girder cranes. To know more about EOT cranes visit:

Names of famous trus-girder bridges

it is 0.5mm per meter span of the crane girder

The weight of a steel girder varies depending on the size of the girder. A small 3 x 5.7 one weighs around 114 pounds while a 24 x 121 steel girder will weight about 4,840 pounds.

A girder bridge is built by placing girders on bridge abutments and foundation piers. Girder bridges can carry pedestrians, automobiles, trucks, light rail, and heavy rail.

Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZZHZ). Thanks for asking the question about honeycomb girder on Answers, because it is one of our patents. Honeycomb girder developed for gantry crane and bridge girder launcher by our company -----Zhengzhou Huazhong Constrution Machinery Co., Ltd ( short for ZZHZ ), which is a new type of main girder and has been widely used in crane fields. The reason why increasing people are looking for honeycomb girder type cranes because they are unique and reliable.Brief introduction on honeycomb girder gantry crane and bridge girder launcher are as following.1. Why we called it honeycomb girder?The main girder is honeycomb girder.For honeycomb girder, it means many hexagonal holes which looks like honeycombs in the main girder, with which the air current could pass through the hole when the launcher works high above the ground. Then it greatly reduces wind impact on the gantry crane, so it is quite safe.2. What are Advantages of honeycomb girder?a. compared with truss girder, safer!Steel plate welded with steel plate (honeycomb girder) is safer than point to point welding (truss girder). If there is an occasional bad welding, the honeycomb girder will not be affected too much, while if it happens on truss girder crane, the whole girder may lose stability and cause an accident.b. Compared with box girder, safer!When box girder crane works high above the ground, the heavy wind will have a great impact on it and make it unsafe. While the honeycomb girder launching gantry has reasonable design(honeycomb hole) to reduce wind impact. Besides, it has a light self weight and cost lower.3. Featuresa. quite safeb. high wind-resistance, high stiffness and low deflectionc. light self weightd. flexible legse. unique and reliable pin connection, easy installation and disassemblyf. high quality imported electrical elements are used4. LimitationAt present, if material to be lifted is less than 250t, a honeycomb girder can be used.Generally speaking, with its own characteristics, the new style honeycomb type gantry crane and bridge girder launcher from ZZHZ will be the flavor of the market.Please find more information about honeycomb girder on website of Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.

A girder is a support beam, also known as a truss. Girders are typically made of steel and are weight bearing structures.

Crane girder is a load bearing member on which hoist runs to move load from one place to other.

only one load bearing beam will be provided for Single girder EOT crane

Definition from China ZZHZ company Movable support system is a kind of construction machinery to install bridge girders by way of cast-in-place with its own formwork, supported by box girder. Bridge girder launcher realizes bridge construction if the girder carrier transports the prefabricated concrete girder to the rear part of the launcher. Difference between movable support system and bridge girder launcher 1. Without prefabricating concrete girder in the precast girder yard, the movable support system adopts cast-in-place and field maintenance. Averagely it finishes one piece of girder every 12 days. While for the bridge girder launcher, it needs to prefabricate concrete girder, then transport them to be installed on the bridge floor 2. The movable support system has a longer cycle to finish the project but with low investment and high benefit; the bridge girder launcher with a short completion time but high investment 3. With low investment and short preparation time, the movable support system can be fast put into use. While the bridge girder launcher needs a long time to prepare for other equipments such as girder carrier and gantry crane. 4. With less land occupation, the material cost of the movable support system is relatively low. 5. The movable support system is widely used in the mountain area that can not build large-sized precast girder yard, while the bridge girder launcher is popular in large-sized precast girder yard To sum up, it depends on the practical situation. But generally, the movable support system is more economical and more suitable for constrictive economy environment at present and in the future.

Girder, herder, murder.

Do you mean box girder?

The disadvantages of a girder bridge is that it's expensive to build. It is also very hard to maintain. It needs to have access to the confined space of the girderbox.

With the development of our national economy, the construction of high speed railway reaches unprecedented upsurge. For 10 years, ZZHZ has been involved in manufacturing construction machinery and hoisting machinery. Therein, bridge girder launcher and gantry crane are widely used in high speed railway construction, being awarded the national patent. Featuring reasonable design, convenient installation and dismounting, especially high safety, they are highly praised by our customers and make great contribution to safe construction of high speed railway. Construction project of Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway will be one of the biggest projects. According to design construction specification of Beijing-Shanghai railway and hoisting machinery design specification, ZZHZ designed HZQ series bridge girder launcher for China high speed railway, combined advantages of bridge girder launchers of home and abroad. Made up of main girder, front launching nose, O type support legs, front support legs, bottom launching nose, auxiliary overhead crane, auxiliary support leg of main girder, lifting trolley, winch and lifting system, the bridge girder launcher can install 900t precast girder with span from 24m to 32m. Steps to construct bridge: (1). After finishing installation on the abutment, the bridge girder launcher will move longitudinally from one pier to next pier 1. Two lifting trolleys move to the end part of the main girder, then lift auxiliary support legs of main girder, the bridge girder launcher begins to move forward. 2. After front support legs moves to certain position, lift its cylinder and fix the leg 3. Front lifting trolley lifts the end of the bottom launching nose to move forwards about half distance of main girder, auxiliary overhead crane under the front launching nose lifts the bottom launching nose to the front abutment, the longitudinal movement is finished. (2). Transport girders and Feed girders 1. Two gantry cranes lift one precast girder at the same time 2. The transporter carrys the girder to the end of the bride girder launcher, then take back its cylinder. Trolley to move girders on the transporter carrys the precast girder to somewhere below the front lifting trolley of the bridge girder launcher 3. The front lifting trolley lifts the precast girder to move forwards until the rear lifting trolley can lift the rear part of the precast girder, then they move forwards together 4. Put the girder down into designated location (3). When the bridge girder launcher installs the last girder, 1. Fold up the bottom part of the front leg, then longitudinally move forwards, 2. Support the support leg, then disassemble the rear support leg of the bottom launching nose and remove the launching nose, put down the last girder to finish constructing the whole bridge.

The longest Girder bridge in the world is located in Ponte Costa e Silva, Brazil its total length is 700m and its center span is 300m.

Azeus Crane Co., Ltd: In general, the lifting weight under 50 t and the span within the 35 m, it is appropriate to choose the single girder crane without other special requirements. If the requirements of wide leg width , high working speed, or lifting heavy, long and great things frequently, it's better to choose double girder gantry crane.

Due to double girder the load of hoist is carried by two beams, so inefficient braking takes placd

Girder, birder, herder, Werder, further herder

it is made up of beams to hold it

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