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Q: What is a Boston terriers population?
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Are Boston pug terriers short hair?

There are no such thing as Boston pug terriers but Boston terriers and pugs are both short haired.

Where are Boston Terriers from?

Boston Terriers are from the United States of America.

Do Boston terriers have fur or hair?

Boston terriers are described to have a fur coat.

Where did Boston terriers come from?


Are Boston terriers from Boston?


Are Boston Terriers easy to train?

Boston terriers are easy to train. But can be an itty bitty bit stubborn.

Are Boston terriers born with a short screw tail or are the tails cut off?

Boston Terriers are born with a screw tail. According to the American Kennel Club, Boston Terriers with docked tails will be disqualify.

Why do Boston terriers lick so much?

Boston terriers want to please everybody. They lick as a calming mechanism and to show obedience

Were Boston terriers bread to hunt rats?

Boston Terriers were bread to be fighting dogs. When the breed originated they were bigger and tougher then the current typical Boston.

What is better a Boston terrier or a long haired chihuahua?

boston terriers....I've had both, but definetly boston terriers are more social and better with children and shedding!

How many puppies do Boston terriers have?

Boston terriers can have up to eight to ten puppies. It also depends on the size of the dog.

Are Boston terriers extinct or endangered?

Boston Terriers are neither extinct or endangered. In fact, they are a very popular breed in the U.S.

When was Boston University Terriers women's ice hockey created?

Boston University Terriers women's ice hockey was created in 2005.

Where did Boston terriers originate?

I'm pretty sure it was in Boston.

How old do average Boston Terriers get?

Boston Terriers live for about 10-15 years. So you want to choose one you will want to be around for a while!

Where do Boston Terriers live?

Anywhere...its not like they only live in Boston.

What kind of temperament do Boston Terriers have?

Boston Terriers have a very kind and friendly temperament. They are the type of dogs that will get along with your children and your family easily. They are loving dogs.

How big do Boston terriers get?

Boston terriers normally grow 2 about 15 inches to 18 inches and weigh about 17 to 25 but i have 1 and it weighs 27

Are Boston Terriers born with long or short tails?

Bostons Terriers are a short tailed breed.

What do Boston terriers drink?

Boston Terriers drink water, like every other dog. Water is very important for dogs and should be the ONLY thing they drink.

What is a Boston Terriers Job in your World?

To be your friend

Do Boston terriers like water?

I have a boston terrier and she does not like the water at all, whenever we try to bathe her, she acts looks at us this puss in boots eyes. She hates the water, but some boston terriers like the water.

Are Boston Terriers born with tails or are they docked?

Boston Terriers are born with tails, they just vary in size. Some have little nubs as tails or they have one they can move.

Are Boston terriers a healthy breed?

Some health problems that Boston Terriers are prone to include breathing problems, eyes problems and heat strokes, but it is possible to get a health breed.

How old do staffordshire Boston terriers get?

Do you mean a Staffordshire Terrier mixed with a Boston Terrier?