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What is a Bouche Bag?

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"Bouche Bag" is a mispronounced phrase for the term, "douche bag", which according to the current sixth definition in the Urban Dictionary is

" An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears. "

A douch bag also refers to a irrigation device women use to clean out their womenly parts.

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What is 'bouche' when translated from French to English?

Bouche in French meanis "mouth" in English.

What does pour la bouche mean?

la bouche

How tall is Dominique Bouche?

Dominique Bouche is 155 cm.

When was Sugar Bouche born?

Sugar Bouche was born in Poland.

Is bouche feminine in French?

La bouche is a feminine noun.feminine

What does dans ma bouche mean?

Dans ma bouche means 'in my mouth'.

Tu veux des amuse-bouche?

do you want some appertizers (food)

What is la bouche in French?

la bouche (fem.) means the mouth in French.

When was Dominique Bouche born?

Dominique Bouche was born on September 25, 1970, in Mexico.

What does amis bouche mean?

un ami > a frienddes amis > friendsune bouche > a mouthso "amis bouche" would means "friends mouth" :)

Can amuse bouche be a verb?

The amuse part of amuse bouche is a verb, albeit a French verb.

What does où est la bouche mean?

où est la bouche means 'where is the mouth?'.

What does donne moi ta bouche mean?

'donne moi ta bouche' mean give me your mouth

What is the French 'grande bouche' in English?

Une grande bouche is 'a big mouth' in English.

What does bouche bée mean in English?

'bouche bée' means 'mouth agape' in English.

How do you spell mouth in french?


What is la bouche in English?

'the mouth'

What does besos La bouche mean?

"La bouche" is the mouth in French; "besos" doesn't exist in French, but is the Spanish word for "kisses".

What is the duration of La Bouche de Jean-Pierre?

The duration of La Bouche de Jean-Pierre is 3120.0 seconds.

When was La Bouche de Jean-Pierre created?

La Bouche de Jean-Pierre was created in 1996-05.

What has the author Nicolas Bouche written?

Nicolas Bouche has written: 'Intellectual property law in France' -- subject(s): Intellectual property

What is the french definition for etre bouche bee?

To be open-mouthed (with surprise) To gape at : regarder bouche bée to stand gaping (or with mouth agape)

What does femme la bouche mean?

'Femme La Bouche' is most certainly a misspelling for "ferme la bouche" (say fer-MAY la boosh") which translates as "shut your mouth" in French. "Shut up" would be "fermez-la", and "ferme la bouche" is not idiomatic, unless you're teaching a young kid not to eat with gaping mouth.

What is the French 'la bouche' in English?

"The mouth" is an English equivalent of the French words "la bouche."Specifically, the feminine singular definite article "la" means "the." The feminine noun "bouche" means "mouth." The pronunciation is "lah boosh."

What is mouth in french language?

la bouche