What is a Building material made from cement and asbestos mainly used in Australia?

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What years were asbestos in building materials?

the use of asbestos in buildings in the UK started around 1890, the used of Blue and Brown asbestos was banned in 1985, with White asbestos being banned in 1999.

Materials used in cement?

To make cement, well concrete actually, you start with Portland Cement. It contains calcium silicates, "aluminum and iron containing clinker phases" and "other compounds." You

What materials are used to make cement?

The materials used to make cement are, . Calcareous materials (limestone) . Argillaceous materials (clay) . gypsum . Coal dust . Iron oxide . magnesium . Alkalies

Can you legally use Asbestos Cement Pipe or does it require remediation?

It is probably not a good idea to install new asbestos pipe. Asbestos pipe requires remediation if and when it deteriorates to that it may be releasing asbestos fibers.. Whet

When was asbestos cement board made?

It was made for many years until it was found to be deadly, around the seventies. There is still plenty in situ. and great care must be used in handling it.

Is asbestos still used in building materials?

Asbestos is still being mined, processed, and used in Russia, Brazil, China, and India. It is being used mostly in cement products, and some electronics.
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Is corrugated asbestos-cement sheets harmful for domestic use?

Any asbestos containing product can be harmful if it is used or abused in a way that results in the release of excessive quantities of fibers to the air. If the product is not
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Is cement a bad material to use?

not exactly, you can use it for holes on the road, but mainly for construction.
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What colour of asbestos is used in building products?

There are a number of forms of asbestos that can be called by a colour, but can also be called by their actual mineralogical or trade name. White asbestos, which is more prop