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What is a CRT monitor?

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Its Short for Cathode Ray Tube and is a vacuum tube inside the computer monitor containing electrons a with internal or external means to accelerate and deflect the electron beam. Its designed like a television box.

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The crt monitor plus situation used?

crt monitor situation used

A crt monitor has a glass?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Monitor. These monitors have a glass screen.

What does CRT monitor stand for?

Cathode ray tube monitor.

What is an advantage of a crt monitor?

It is cheaper than a LCD monitor.

What is the size of an apple 2 monitor?

The monitor was a 12" CRT.

The type of computer monitor that looks like a traditional television is called what?

CRT - Cathod Ray TubeThe monitor that looks like a traditional television is known as a CRT monitor. CRT stands for cathode ray tube.

Types of monitor?

Lcd & crt

Is a crt monitor dangerous?

YES, on the inside there are capacitors that hold thousands of volts. A crt monitor could easily kill a human.

WHAT IS CRT monitor?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. In laymans terms a CRT monitor is the old-style glass tube monitor we all used for years and years before flatpanel monitors became cheap & popular.

What is an older type of monitor that tends to be heavy and bulky?

CRT Monitor

CRT Monitor block diagram?


What are some advantages of an crt monitor?

They are cheaper.

What monitor emits electromagnetic radiation?


How much does a crt monitor costs?

You can get them for free.

where can I put my CRT monitor for free?

If you're think to put an ad for your CRT monitor for free, then you should consider listing it on your local Craig's List.

A liquid display crystal monitor is also known as a crt monitor?


The working principle of a crt monitor?

CRT is a vacumn tube which are controlled by electic or magnetic field

What type of CRT monitor draws a screen in one pass?

Non-interlaced monitor.

What are some different types of monitor?

some different types of monitor are flat panel monitor and CRT monitor (saad ashfaq)

What are the Internal parts of CRT computer monitor?


Crt monitor refresh rates?

96 kHz

The quality of a CRT monitor depends largely on it?


What are advantages and disadvantages of CRT monitor?

less poweful

What type of monitor does not emit electromagnetic fields?


What are two categories of computer monitor?