What is a Chromosome complement?

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The chromosome compliment of a gametophyte is a sporophyte.

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Q: What is a Chromosome complement?
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- What is the diploid chromosome complement of a human somatic cell?

46, as it is a somatic cell. If you wanted to know the haploid chromosome complement of a human gamete (egg or sperm) instead, then it would be 23.

What relates the structure of the Cell to the Cells function?

It's chromosome complement.

What is the sex chromosome complement of a normal human?

XX for a femaleXY for a male

What is all the genetic material in a Cell called?

It is called: the GENOME, or its genetic complement, or its Chromosome Set.

What feature of the chromosome complement is reduced int the first meiotic division and kept equal in the second?


Gametes have how many chromosomes?

1N chromosome number means a [complete complement of] 23 UNPAIRED chromosomes.

Why is it important to maintain the chromosome complement of daughter cells in a multicellular organism?

So that the cell can develop and function properly.

Is aulocantha is example of radiolarians?

Aulocantha is a radiolarian protist...interestingly also having a huge 2n chromosome complement of 1600.

How many pairs of chromosomes do each parent contribute to the fertilized egg?

Each parent contributes the Haploid number (1N) of the chromosome complement to the fertilized egg. No parent contributes a pair of any chromosome.

What is an example of human trisomy?

Here are two examples that result in 'early fetal death' - Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18. Meaning that when the normal [genetic] chromosomal complement is a chromosome pair, three copies of each chromosome are present and this is lethal.

What are karyotypes found in?

A karyotype is the characteristic chromosome complement of a eukaryote species. In essence karyotypes describe your chromosomes. for more information go to

What is a possessive complement?

The possessive form of the noun complement is complement's.

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