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What is a Confederate 5 dollar bill worth?

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Assuming it's genuine, the value of a five dollar Confederate bill will fluctuate. Currently, it is available via resale markets with a price range of 20 to 30 dollars per bill.

However huge numbers of "Confederate" bills are actually replicas that were sold by gift shops at Civil War sites, printed for use in advertising campaigns, etc. You'll need to have your bill authenticated in person by an expert dealer or appraiser.

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Is a 5 dollar bill with the colour of a 2 dollar and a 20 dollar bill worth anything?

It's worth 5 dollars.

What is the value of a confederate 5 dollar bill circa 1845?

There was no Confederate money in 1845.

How much is a 1986 Canadian 5 dollar bill worth?

A 1986 Canadian 5 dollar bill is worth $10.00

Is 1977 five dollar bill worth anything?

its a $5 bill, its worth $5

What is Canadians money like?

Canadian money consists of: coins- Penny- worth 1 cent nickel- worth 5 cents dime- worth 10 cents quarter- worth 25 cents looney- worth 1 dollar tooney- worth 2 dollars bills- 5 dollar bill 10 dollar bill 20 dollar bill 50 dollar bill 100 dollar bill

How much new 5 dollar bill worth?


Whose signature is on a 5 dollar 1981 bill?

I have a 5 dollar 1981 bill signed by the treasurer. Is this worth anything?

How much is a 1981 5 dollar bill worth?

It's still worth $5.

Is the new five dollar bill worth anything?

It is worth $5.

How much is a 1988 5 dollar bill worth?

NOTHING now stop worrying about a 5 dollar bill! Jk a 1988 5 dollor bill isnt worth much... maby 10 to 60 dollors

What are dollar bills worth?

look at the number on the bill. if this question was referring to what are dollars worth compared to a different currency then the answer will constantly be changing as the value of different countries currency is fairly volatile. 1 dollar bill = $1 2 dollar bill = $2 5 dollar bill = $5 10 dollar bill = $10 20 dollar bill = $20 50 dollar bill = $50 100 dollar bill = $100

What is a 1995 Five dollar bill worth?

5 dollarrs

What would a misprinted 5 dollar bill be worth?


How much is 1 dollar bill in Canada worth?


How many nickels are in a 5 dollar bill?

A $5 bill is worth 500 pennies, or 100 nickels.

How much is a L series 1993 5 dollar bill worth?


How much is a 5 dollar bill in Canada worth in America?

Its worth 5 dollars, or if your anal about it $4.83

How many nickels in a five dollar bill?

A US or Canadian nickel is worth 5 cents. A five dollar bill is worth 500 cents. Thus a five dollar bill is equivalent to 100 nickels.

How much is a Philippine 5 dollar bill worth in America?

The Philippine issues currency in Pesos, not in Dollars. There is no such thing as a Philippine 5 dollar bill.

How much is a 1981 five dollar bill worth?

Is worth anything

How much is a 1985 five dollar bill worth?

About $5 today.

What is a Canadian 5 dollar bill 1991 worth?

Five dollars.

How much is a 5 dollar bill from Jamaica worth in the us?

Any Jamaican dollar is worth about 10 cents, to make it easy.

What is a republic of Texas 5 dollar bill with nothing on the back serial number 1349 from 1841 worth?

How much is a 5 dollar bill be Werth if its made in 1349

How much is a 1944 France 5 dollar bill worth?

2 dollars

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