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What is a DDR Memory slot?


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Basically, it is a type of Random Access Memory (RAM) slot, that supports Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM. DDR RAM is said to be twice as fast as Synchronous Dynamic (SD) RAM.

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A DDR2 memory stick cannot be installed correctly in a DDR slot.

No DDR2 and DDR are not compatible and so you can not add DDR2 RAM module in a DDR Slot. Electrical specifications like voltage, signal pinout and even mechanical size and shape of modules are different.

the different notch positions keep someone from installing a DDR DIMM or DDR2 DIMM in the wrong memory slot.

PC5300 memory, is one of the newest types of memory. Thus being DDR II. The slot in the middle, is slightly different to that of DDR ram. This is the easiest way of telling the two apart.Hope this helpsbe safe

DDR-RAM is an eponym for: double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory - this is a type of a very fast computer memory. DDR-2 is even faster and now a bit of the most common and price effective memory available but uses a different memory slot ddr-3 is the new kid on the block, is fast, and pricey

DDR Memory modules have only one notch on the contact strip, positioned just off-centre. Hence DDR modules will not fit in an SD slot. SD Memory Modules have two notches.

The start-up utilities in Windows can run memory diagnostics for each DDR slot. Conversely, you can enter the command "mdsched.exe" in the start menu on Windows 7+ operating systems.

Unfortunately not. DDR has a different amount of pins compared to a stick of DDR II. Also the slot position is slightly different. Hope this helps Be Safe Cadishead Computers

DDR memory is the memory that computers use. A gig of DDR memory is usually around thirty dollars.

That's what a "DDR" slot is. "DDR1" is a retroactive name applied to the first DDR standard after DDR2 RAM came out.

No. A motherboard will specify what type of memory it supports. The DIMM slot for DDR,DDR2 and DDR3 have different footprints.

Having it in backwards, or having some kind of obstruction in the DIMM slot.

There is a notch that prevents installation, even though the modules are the same size and have the same number of pins. Notch position between DDR and DDR2 are diferent. Also, the memory socket on a motherboard is diferent for all types of memories. If the memory socket is design for DDR you can't put any other memory type but DDR and so for all other types.

No, the slots for DDR2 RAM is different from the DDR RAM. You cannot use DDR RAM with DDR2 slot.

No, you cannot use a DDR-2 5300 memory module in a Toshiba Satellite A60 or A65 laptop. This module will not fit into the slot. You can install up to 1GB memory module into the expansion slot, but it has to be DDR memory, not DDR2. Here's what you can use: PC2700 (DDR333) module: 256MB, 512MB or 1GB.

If you insert a DDR2 memory card into a slot that usually holds a DDR memory card, the card will not be recognized by the system and a message will appear stating that there is an error with the memory card. Please do not insert memory cards into non-matching slots, you may damage the system. If your system does not become damaged as a result of poor memory card reading, your DDR2 card will simply only act as a DDR card and not make full use of the DDR2 capabilities.

DDR laptop memory stands for Double Data Rate. The DDR means how fast your laptop can load data from your hard drive to your memory. This website explains things better:

A memory slot is used for adding memory to your computer.

The DDR ram memory is a class of memory intergrated circuits which is used in computers. DDR has been superseded by DDR2 and DDR3 neither of which is either forward or backward compatible.

DDR is a memory in which most of your default memories are stored. Find the defrag button and this will clean up the memory getting ride of any error memory or corruption memory.

The T280i does not have a memory slot.

The DDR 333 model can be purchased through Amazon. DDR 333 is a type of memory used for computers. DDR is an acronym for 'double data rate'. The number specifies the memory speed.

DDR is a type of RAM, or Random Access Memory. It is super fast memory used to store open programs and such.

The specifications are memory chips and memory modules. The DDR PC3200 RAM is a popular choice when one has to specify in this specific memory equipment.

No, they're not cross compatible. 184pin DDR is desktop memory, 200 pin ddr is a SO-DIMM, which is laptop memory.

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